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Two Weeks Notice
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Two Weeks Notice

Two Weeks Notice is a 2002 romantic comedy film starring Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant from Warner Brothers. The movie was written and directed by Marc Lawrence and carried a USD $60,000,000 budget. Upon release, the movie received positive critical reviews and enjoyed a successful box office run both in the United States and globally.

Warning: Plot details follow.

Lucy Kelson (Sandra Bullock) is an environmentalist lawyer in New York City. George Wade (Hugh Grant) is an immature billionaire real estate tycoon who has has almost everything and knows almost nothing. Lucy's hard work and devotion to others contrasts sharply with George's world weary recklessness and greed.

Lucy meets George in an attempt to stop the destruction of the Coney Island community center from her childhood. He attempts to hire her to replace his old Chief Council, Amber. She knows of his playboy tendencies, but he promises to protect the community center if she works for him.

She soon finds that what he really requires is advice in all aspects of his life. She becomes his indespensable aid, and he is deeply troubled by the tending of her two week's notice of resignation.


Marc Lawrence - Director

Sandra Bullock - Lucy Kelson
Hugh Grant - George Wade
Alicia Witt - June Carter
Dana Ivey - Ruth Kelson
Robert Klein - Larry Kelson
Heather Burns - Meryl Brooks
David Haig - Howard Wade
Dorian Missick - Tony
Joseph Badalucco Jr. - Construction Foreman (as Joseph Badalucco)
Jonathan Dokuchitz - Tom
Veanne Cox - Melanie Corman
Janine LaManna - Elaine Cominsky
Iraida Polanco - Rosario
Charlotte Maier - Helen Wade
Katheryn Winnick - Tiffany

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