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Two-eyed spider
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Two-eyed spider

The caponiid spiders (Family Caponiidae) include several genera of two eyed spiders, such as the North American genus Orthonops. Other genera have four or six eyes. These seldom are noticed, but generally look like somewhat faded woodlouse hunter spiders in the genus Dysdera. The carapace (cephalothorax or prosoma) is orange and the abdomen (opisthosoma) light gray. The two-eyed species have their two eyes in the anterior middle of the carapace.

The caponiids are widely distributed. Their habits are for the most part unknown. They are ecribellate haplogyne spiders and thus probably relatively primitive. Several generic names in this family are puns based on the genus Nops. These include Notnops, Taintnops and Tisentnops. Oddly enough all three genera are from Chile. Some taxonomists do have a sense of humor!