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In the early 90's, a new group was beginning to make a splash on the Detroit local music scene. They were called the House of Krazees. And one of their methods of promoting was going around town ripping ICP flyers down and replacing them with their own flyers. Go figure.

This group consisted of three members. Mr. Bones, Hektik, and R.O.C. (which stood for Raps On Contact). Their first album was "Home Sweet Home", which really wasn't good enough to showcase the skills that the 3 rappers would eventually gain as they continued rapping, but the album did spawn a semi-hit on the local underground with the song "Pig Skinnas."

They regrouped and came crashing on the scene again with their second album, entitled "Home Bound," which was much better (and also a better quality recording) than their first offering. The album helped to spread their name in the local area, but it wasn't until their third album when HOK would finally get a taste of real success.

"Season of the Pumpkin" was a banging 20 tracks of House of Krazees at their best at the time. The album sold surprisingly well locally and they eventually re-pressed the album, with a different album cover and new versions of a couple of the tracks, for wider release outside of Detroit. House of Krazees was now officially a force to be reckoned with on the local scene, but it didn't last.

Their 4th album was entitled "Outbreed" and wasn't quite as well recieved as their last. They had a different sound and style about them, and this change is refrenced on the intro of the album. A lot of fans didn't really like it and "Outbreed" didn't quite do as well as "Season of the Pumpkin."

HOK got back on track in 1997 with the release of their 5th (and final) album of new material, entitled "Head Trauma" which stands alone as probably HOK's best album ever, although many still hold "Season of the Pumpkin" to that title as well. This album was the birth of the biggest HOK hit to date, "Nosferatu". Also, on the song "Slip Into Reality", Hektik spits a verse that he would later re-use in the Twiztid song "Renditions of Reality."

Around this time, HOK was asked by ICP to go on tour with them. They had come a long way from tearing down ICP flyers in the streets of the D and so HOK toured the country with ICP. However, the House of Krazees had a fucked up manager named Walt and Walt didn't want them touring with ICP anymore. So after the first leg of the tour, HOK wasn't back for the 2nd leg. That was the end for House of Krazees.

2 of the members, Hektik and Mr. Bones gave ICP a demo with about 5 songs on it. Within days, the two were signed to Psychopathic Records and became Monoxide Child (Hektik) and Jamie Madrox (Bones) to form Twiztid. R.O.C. stuck by Walt's side and would later go on to form a few side projects and record a final House of Krazees album (without Hektik and Bones) before finally telling Walt to fuck off also.

Twiztid toured the nation with ICP and they became inseperable. They recorded their first album, entitled "Mostasteless" which quickly became a big hit. ICP got signed to Island Records in 1998 and Twiztid went along with them. In 1999, Twiztid re-released Mostasteless with a few new tracks (and minus some old ones) and the album eventually went gold. Twiztid was a national act.

               BY ZACH SMITH