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Twix is a candy bar made by Mars, Inc The basis of the bar is a caramel-coated biscuit finger. Milk chocolate covers the caramel biscuit. Being somewhat smaller in cross section than other candy bars, Twix are typically packaged in pairs.

Twix was called Raider in Germany, Sweden and Portugal for many years before its name was changed to match the international brand name.

Cultural reference

Twix featured prominently in the plot of an episode of Seinfeld. A hungry George attempts to get Twix from a vending machine. When the machine fails to dispense it, George goes in search of a manager. He returns to find that someone else has eaten the Twix, leading him to stage an elaborate logical trap with the hope of extracting a confession and some replacement Twix. When that, too, fails, George looks skyward and yells "Twix!"

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