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Twisted Sister
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Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister is a U.S-based Rock and Roll group specializing in the theatrical Hair metal genre popularized in music videos on MTV in the 1980s. The group's hit songs include "I Wanna Rock" and "We're Not Gonna Take It".

The band was founded in 1973 in New York. The line up changed often, with founder J.J. French staying on guitars. In 1975, Eddie "Fingers" Ojeda joined as a second guitarist, in 1976 vocalist Dee Snider gave a major boost, Mark "The Animal" Mendoza got a grip on the bass in 1978.

in 1979 they had a single "I'll Never Grow Up Now / Under the Blade". Followed in 1980 by "Bad Boys (Of Rock & Roll) / Lady's Boy". Both were released on a label called "Twisted Sister Records".

In 1980, with only a few months left in their deal with that company remaining, they wanted to release another single quickly. They had 2 songs for consideration. . One was "Bad Boys (Of Rock & Roll)". The other was a song that Dee Snider had just started writing called "We're Not Gonna Take It". "We're Not Gonna Take It" was not completed yet. Dee Snider had the chorus lyrics and instrumental tracks, but could not think of the verse lyrics. The song was forgotten for a while.

During the following years the band gained popularity in the US. Releasing, on March 28, 1982 the EP "Ruff Cuts" and their debut album "Under The Blade" on September 18, 1982. Both were released on a British label, "Secret Records". It wasn't until 1982, during a tour in the U.K., that they were noticed by Atlantic Records and offered a contract. On June 27, 1983 Twisted Sister released their 2nd album You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll, and on May 10, 1984 their most successful album ever Stay Hungry was released.

"Stay Hungry" sold over 4 million copies by the summer of 1985. Its first single "We're Not Gonna Take It", (a song that took Dee Snider 3 years to write) made #21 on the singles chart.

They were singled out by the PMRC in 1985. Twisted Sister songs "Under the Blade" and "We're Not Gonna Take It" were specifically mentioned in the Senate hearing. Lead singer Dee Snider was one of the few musicians to testified before Congress in the September 19, 1985 hearings.

They'd release their 4th album, Come Out And Play on November 9, 1985. For it they, again covered Leader Of The Pack. A song they'd already covered in 1982, for the Ruff Cuts EP. The MTV music video for it was a crappy one. It only furthered their "loss of success".

Joe Franco replaced A.J. Pero on drums in 1987. They released their 5th album Love Is For Suckers on August 13, 1987. It would be their last album. Almost 2 months later, on October 12, 1987 Dee left the band. The others in the band chose not to attempt replacing him.

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