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Twins' Love
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Twins' Love

Twins' Love is an EP by the Twins. Since the first EP Twins (AVEP) was a great success, the Twins released this second CD just 3 months later, in November 2001. It contained 8 songs and 1 music video, "Ai Qing Dang Ru Xun" (愛情當入樽).

CD Content

  1. Computer Data Not Playable
  2. Computer Data Not Playable
  3. "Ai Qing Dang Ru Xun" (愛情當入樽)
  4. "Xue Sheng Shou Ce" (學生手冊)
  5. "Lian Ai Da Guo Tian" (戀愛大過天)
  6. "Fei Xian" (飛線)
  7. "Huo Ping Ri" (和平日)
  8. "You Suo Bu Zhi" (有所不知) (The theme song of the Disney cartoon Marie)
  9. "Ai Qing Dang Ru Xun" (愛情當入樽) (Air Mix)
  10. "Huo Ping Ri" (和平日) (We Mix) (The theme song of Fun Fun Show 01)
  11. "Nu Xiao Nan Sheng" (女校男生) (Back to School Mix)