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Twinbee is famous character in Finland. Twinbee first appeared in 1952 in Arleo Tohnonen`s Transformers science fiction novels. In the Transformers sci/fi novels he is Twinbot races.

In 1979, Eruko Roianen, a Finnish cartoonist released the Transformers: Rage in Heaven cartoon TV show. Transformers: Rage in Heaven was aired during 1979-1982 on the Tele Helsinki channel, and an English version was broadcast on Channel 4 in 1984-1987.

In 1985, Giuko Beiranen, a Finnish writer of sci/fi novels and Iniko Minpu, an Estonian writer of sci/fi novels, wrote the first Twinbee sci/fi novel, named Secret Madness in Saremaa. In the same year, Eruko Roianen released Transformers: Robots in Disguise as a cartoon TV show. Transformers: Robots in Disguise was aired during 1985-1990 on the Tele Helsinki channel, and an English version on Channel 4 in 1997-2002. In 1995, Ion Halge and Eruko Roianen released the Oshaberi Parodius cartoon TV show.

Twinbee also appears in games published by Pelikan Softworks:

Twinbee Madness I: The Beginning - C64 1988.
Twinbee Madness II: The Stone Woman - C64 1989.
Twinbee Madness III: Royal Burn - C64 1991.
Twinbee Madness IV: Fighters of Truth - Neo-Geo 1992.
Twinbee Madness V: The Dragon Mistery - Neo-Geo 1993.
Twinbee Madness VI: Elephant Riders - Neo-Geo 1995.
Twinbee Madness VII: Meteorite of Walaru Gama - PC 1998.
Twinbee Madness VIII: Skills of Love - PC 2000.
Twinbee Madness IX: Quest for Gold - Amiga 2001.
Twinbee Madness X: The Flame Woman - Amiga 2002.
Twinbee Madness XI: Back to Fight - Amiga 2003.
Twinbee Madness X-2: Riders of Truth - Amiga 2004.