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Twi'leks are a species with two tails - called lekku - protruding from their heads and colored skin. They have a homeworld in the Star Wars galaxy but their existence was known to the Old Republic. They understand most alien languages but prefer to speak their own kind. Many Twi'lek females are sold to slavery as dancers for crimelords and such, while others take jobs to dance at cantinas. This is a result of the females' legendary beauty. Twi'Lek's are a prominment race in the Expanded Universe series of books, games, and other media. Twi'leks served in both the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. This article covers Twi'leks in both the movies and the Expanded Universe.

Warning: Plot details follow.

Table of contents
1 Homeworld
2 Government
3 Culture
4 Prominment Twi-leks
5 Bib Fortuna


In the Expanded Universe, Ryloth is identified as the homeworld of the Twi'leks. Because of the nature of Ryloth's orbit around its primary, one side of the planet always faces the sun. This results in the temperatures on the day side being very high, and the night side the temperature is very cold. There is a habitable band around the planet where the day and night sides of the planet meet.

The Twi'lek people live in a series of caverns that are located in the habitable band of the planet.


Twi-leks living in the caverns on Ryloth structure their society around a five member "Head Clan." These five Twi'leks lead the society in all such matters until one member of the Head Clan dies. At that point, the remaining members of the Head Clan are cast out into the barren landscape on the day side of the planet, prusemably to die. Then five new members of the Head Clan are chosen.


Twi'leks join the personal name and clan (or family) name together. They use this as a way of symbolizing a way of togetherness. For example, Nawara Ven is said by fellow Twi'leks as Nawar'aven. When combining the names, Twi'leks make changes in the way in the name is pronounced in order to change the meaning of the words. For example, Twi'leks often pronounce Wedge Antilles' name as Wedg'antilles so that his name means "Slayer of Stars." Otherwise if they pronounced it in standard it would mean something so vile that it could induce vomiting in a Rancor. However, for those they cast out as criminals, the Twi'leks will break the individual's name into two distinct parts.

While many in the galaxy consider the Twi'leks as merchants or even criminals, the race does have a proud and honorable warrior tradition. The warriors invented the Chir'daki, or "Deathseed," star fighters that married the TIE fighter cockpit to the s-foils of the X-Wing fighter. During the Bacta War, Twi'lek warriors assited Wedge Antilles in the fight against Isanne Ysard.

Prominment Twi-leks

Following are prominment Twi-leks from both the movies and Expanded Universe.

Tol Sivron

Tol Sivron initally served as a member of the Head Clan in Twi'lek society. When chosen, it was expected that he would serve in the Head Clan for many years. However, about one year afterwards, another member of the Head Clan fell while inspecting a project, and impaled himself. Sivron and the three other members of the Head Clan were then cast out. Sivron convinced the three other members to pool their resources, and try to eke out a living in one of the nearby uninhabited nearby caves.

While the other former Head Clan members slept, Sivron murdered all of them. He then took their supplies, and set out in a trek across the desert. Eventually he came upon an Imperial refuling station on Ryloth. He then met a young commander named Tarkin. Tarkin soon found that Sivron was an excellent mananger of the complex business arangements that Tarkin had.

Eventually, Tarkin named Tol Sivron to head up the research facilities at the Maw Installation. For over ten years, Sivron ran the facility that invented such weapons as the Death Star and Sun Crusher.

When the facility was invaded by New Republic forces, Sivron escaped with the other scientests on board the Death Star prototype that was in orbit around the facility. He took the weapon to Kessel, and used the superlaser to destroy the planet's moon, which proved the effectivness of the weapon. He returned to the Maw Installation to destroy it rather than allow it to fall into Rebel hands. Sivron died when the Death Star prototype fell into one of the nearby black holes.

Nawara Ven

Another prominment Twi'lek from the Expanded Universe was Nawara Ven. Ven was originally trained as an attorney. However, he later became a member of Rogue Squadron, and was trained as an X-Wing pilot. Ven was twice shot out of his X-Wing when enemy TIE Fighters scored direct hits. While he had completely recovered after the first time he had to eject, during the second instance he lost his leg. As a result, he wasn't able to continue as a pilot. Later, Nawara Ven served as an officer on board the Errant Venture.

Bib Fortuna

Bib Fortuna was a Twi'lek that had appeared in both the Phantom Menace and the Return of the Jedi. He had served as an aide to Jabba the Hutt for many years. Bib Fortuna was a member of the Una clan. At some point in the past, Bib Fortuna was found guilty of crimes and was cast out of Twi'lek society. It was noted that he preyed on other members of his society. He had captured and trained several dancers for Jabba the Hutt. After he was cast out Twi'leks then began breaking his name into two distinct parts "Bib Fortuna" when referring to him as a way of symbolyzing that he was cast out.

Bib Fortuna accompanied Jabba the Hutt when he had taken Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca to the pit of the Sarlacc to be executed. Fortuna then died when Jabba's sail barge exploded.