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Twenty something
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Twenty something

Literally a person aged between 21 and 29. Metaphorically used to describe somebody with the attitudes and attributes typical of this age group.

See also Thirty something

Twenty somethings have a proportionally high level of disposable income, are very fashion conscious and are very mobile both in where they work and where they live.

Social life is very important and tends to dictate how they spend their money. They are keen to emphasize that they are adults and not teenagers by forming firmer relationships, taking work and money more seriously and developing more mature tastes in music, clothes etc.

Music: Nothing which is aimed at pre-teen markets. New 'serious' artists are popular, those which make albums as opposed to singles and are not seen as manufactured. Many artists who start by having a very young fan base try to 'take their fans with them' as they grow into twenty somethings by changing the style of their music.