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Twelfth Apostle
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Twelfth Apostle

Twelfth Apostle

Twelfth Apostle is an album by Jandek (1993). Corwood Industries release #0760.

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2 Album Cover Description
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Track Listing:

  1. Walking
  2. You're Not Even Alive
  3. Native Land
  4. Rooftop Sunset
  5. Bedside
  6. Solid Stone
  7. Out in the Rain
  8. The Gone Wait
  9. Could Be Anyone
  10. Twelfth Apostle
  11. White Knob
  12. Whiskers
  13. Four by Four

Album Cover Description

Drawn curtains. An alley shot of a two story house with narrow siding. A tree dominates the left half of the photo. A strange (possibly broken... or ornamental) yellow birdfeeder in the upper right.

The shed's bricks are visible along the mortises... indicating that the building is brick with paneling. (the "Brick Wall" album covers explained?) An interesting optical illusion is created in the interplay of birdfeeder and brick.


His playing, singing, and writing are at a peak here... No one is creating a body of work w/ more offtrack cohesion and beauty than Jandek.

-- Byron Coley Forced Exposure #18

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