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Tweek, voiced by Matt Stone, is a fictional character on the animated series South Park. When he was introduced near the end of season 2, he was a noticeably jittery boy.

Tweek's jitters were caused by caffeine, due to excess coffee consumption, which occurred because his parents own a coffee shop. In the episode entitled Gnomes their coffee shop almost went out of business because a parody of the Starbucks coffee shop chain opens a shop in South Park.

Tweek fought with Craig in episode 304, entitled Tweek vs. Craig. He was chosen as the fourth friend after Kyle, Stan, and Cartman kicked Butters out of the group.

Whenever Tweek is told to do something, he responds by saying, "Aaagh! Way too much pressure!" Tweek seemed to practice fatalism in episode 511 (Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants)

Tweek has blond hair that looks as if he just rolled out of bed, wears a gray shirt buttoned wrong, and gray pants.