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Tweeddale is the traditional name for the area drained by the upper reaches of the Tweed River, this area was considered to end before the Yarrow Water flowed into the Tweed, so the area to the south and east, was bounded by the Yarrow/Tweed watershed, and to the north and east by the Gala/Tweed watershed.

Tweeddale District

Tweeddale District''' 1975-96

In the Scottish local government reorganization of 1974, Tweeddale was adopted as the name of an administrative district in the Scottish Borders area. This district was almost identical to the existing county area of Peeblesshire. The adoption of Tweeddale versus the traditional and historic name of Peeblesshire caused outcry among residents at the time.

With the further reorganisation of local government in 1996 the name of Tweeddale ceased to be an administrative name and reverted to that of a geographical area. The name is retained as a Lieutenancy Area.

In general residents of this area refer to themselves as residing in Peeblesshire rather than Tweeddale even to current times.