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Tweed River
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Tweed River

This article is about the Tweed River in Australia. For other rivers of the same name, see Tweed River (disambiguation)

The Tweed River is a short river on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia.

The region drained by the Tweed River consists mostly of the caldera of a huge, ancient, extinct volcano. The branches of the river join at Murwillumbah and flow about 20 kilometers north-east to Tweed Heads where they enter the sea.

The Tweed River area has a fine subtropical climate, high rainfall and fertile volcanic soils. It was originally covered by rainforest, much of which has been cleared. Some remains in several national parks and reserves. The lowlands along the river are used for farming sugar cane and other crops.

The Tweed was named after the River Tweed in Britain, because it is located at the border of New South Wales and Queensland.