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Thomas Stevenson Drew
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Thomas Stevenson Drew

Thomas Stevenson Drew (25 August 1802 -- January 1879) was a Democratic Governor of the State of Arkansas.

Thomas Stevenson Drew was born in Wilson County, Tennessee. Drew moved with his family to Louisiana and then in 1818 to Arkansas. He worked as a traveling salesman and school teacher. Drew settled in the area around Batesville, Arkansas.

In 1824 Drew was appointed county clerk. In 1836 he was chosen as a delegate to the Arkansas constitutional convention.

Drew was elected Governor in 1844. Drew's administration concentrated on the state's financial solvency and attempted to repair the state's credit.

Drew was reelected in 1848 but only served a year of his term before resigning due to the low salary provided for the governor.

Drew retired from politics and worked to try and recover from financial losses. He moved to Weatherford, Texas and later moved to Hood County, Texas. Drew died in January 1879 at Lapin, Texas.

Drew was originally buried in the Old Baptist Cemetery in Lapin, Texas but his body was removed in 1923 by Arkansas officials and moved to the Masonic Cemetery in Pocahontas, Arkansas.

Drew County, Arkansas was named after Thomas S. Drew.

Preceded by :
Samuel Adams
Governor of Arkansas
Succeeded by:
Richard C. Byrd