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The Practice
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The Practice

The Practice was a long-running (March 4 1997 - May 16 2004, eight seasons) ABC legal drama TV series created by David E. Kelley about a Boston, Massachusetts law firm. It will be followed with a spin-off legal drama, Fleet Street, in fall 2004.

The Practice originally focused on the law firm Donnell, Young, Dole and Frutt, featuring the firm's involvement in a number of high-profile criminal and civil cases that often mirrored events occurring in real life. There were a number of crossovers with other David E. Kelley shows, including Boston Public, Ally McBeal and the short-lived medical drama Gideon's Crossing.

By the end of the seventh season, faced with sagging ratings, ABC conditioned the show's renewal on a drastic budget reduction. As a result, several cast members left. The addition of James Spader and Rhona Mitra to the cast for the eighth season helped to revive the ratings somewhat; however, on March 11, 2004, ABC announced that it would not renew the series for a ninth season, but that Kelley would instead create the new spin-off series starring Spader, Mitra and William Shatner, who began appearing as Denny Crane during the final months. [1]

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Series Finale

The remaining members of the law firm go their separate ways. Eugene becomes a judge. Ellenor focuses more on her family. Jimmy and Jamie become neighborhood lawyers. The final scene shows Bobby Donnell behind a desk thinking about his law firm and the impact it has made.

Main Cast

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