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The New York Trilogy
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The New York Trilogy

The New York Trilogy is a series of novels or long stories by Paul Auster.

Warning: Plot details follow.

The first story, City of Glass (1985) features a writer turned private detective descending into madness. It explores layers of identity and reality: Paul Auster the writer of the novel; "the author" who reports the events as reality; "Paul Auster the writer", a character in the story; "Paul Auster the detective", who may or may not exist in the novel; Daniel Quinn, a writer of detective novels who undertakes a case himself; William Wilson, his nom de plume; and Max Work, the hero of Quinn's novels. William Wilson is also the title of an Edgar Allan Poe story about doppelgängers, while Quinn shares his initials with Don Quijote.

The second story, Ghosts (1986), is about a private eye called Blue who is investigating a man named Black for a client named White. Black and White turn out to be the same person, a writer who is writing a story about Blue watching him.

The Locked Room (1986) is the story of a writer who lacks the creativity to produce fiction. His childhood friend has produced creative work, and when he disappears the writer publishes his work and replaces him in his family. While trying to deal with their relationship, he discovers his creative gift, and it emerges that he is the author of the three stories of the trilogy.

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