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Television station
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Television station

A television station broadcasts video and audio to television receiverss in a particular area. Traditionally, TV stations made their broadcasts by sending specially-encoded radio signals over the air. Individual television stations are usually granted licenses to use a particular section of the radio spectrum (a channel) through which they send their signals. The term television channel has become synonymous with "TV station" and even television network, leading to confusion. Television stations, at least in the United States, usually just have one transmitter, but are also generally associated with a nationwide television network, through which they get significant amounts of programming. Because some regions have had difficulty picking up over-the-air signals (particularly in mountainous areas), satellite and cable television has been introduced. Television stations specifically built to run on cable or satellite blur the line between TV station and TV network. That fact led some early cable networks to call themselves superstations.

In the United States, each nationwide terrestrial broadcast network can have a few "O & O's", stations it owns and operates, usually in the larger marketss. Satellite and cable have created changes. Broadcast stations in an area can sign up to be carried on cable, but content providers like TLC Network can too. They aren't licensed to run broadcast equipment like a station and they don't regularly provide content to licensed broadcasters either. Furthermore, a distributor like TNT may begin producing its own programming, and shows presented exclusively on cable by one distributor may be syndicated to broadcast stations.

A person viewing by cable or satellite may not know what kind of organization is responsible for the program. So what seems to be a station or a network may be neither.

See Lists of television channels, for lists by country and language.

Major television stations (alphabetically listed)

3sat - German Culture channel with contribution of german, swiss and austrian TV Stations (ARD, ZDF, ORF, SFR)
Aaj Tak - Hindi news channel, India
Aasthaa - Spiritual/Hindu religious programming, India
Abu Dhabi TV - Arabic 24 hour news and lifestyle channel, from Saudi Arabia
ABC - American Broadcasting Company, USA, Canada
ABC - Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia
The Amp - Indie music videos, UK
Adult Channel - Adult programming
Animal Planet - Programmes about animals, owned by the Discovery Channel
Antena 3 - Spain
ANT1 - Greek Language
ARY Digital - Pakistani channel - asian programmes, UK Europe, Middle East & Asian Subcontinent, most of the world
Al Arabiyya - Arabic 24 hour news channel, from Saudi Arabia
Al Jazeera - Arabic 24 hour news channel, from Qatar
Alpha TV GUJARATI - Gujrati channel, India
Alpha TV PUNJABI - Punjabi channel, India
Atlantic Television System (ATV) - Canada
ARD Arbeitsgemeinschaft Rundfunk Deutschland - German TV Network with contribution of regional TV stations (BR NDR, MDR, RB, RBB, SWR, WDR)
Associated Television Network Limited (ATV) - UK
Asia Television Ltd (ATV) - Asia, Hong Kong
AXN - Entertainment, India
Radio Bremen - German TV for Bremen and Bremerhafen
BR - Bayrischer Rundfunk - German TV channel for Bavaria
BR-alpha - German Education TV Channel from Bayrischer Rundfunk
BBC America - British Broadcasting Corporation US lifestyle channel, US
BBC Canada - British Broadcasting Corporation Canadian lifestyle channel, Canada
BBC Kids - British Broadcasting Corporation Canadian children's channel, Canada
BBC ONE - British Broadcasting Corporation primary analogue channel, UK
BBC TWO - British Broadcasting Corporation secondary analogue channel, UK
BBC THREE - British Broadcasting Corporation digital channel, UK
BBC FOUR - British Broadcasting Corporation digital channel, UK
BBC News 24 - British Broadcasting Corporation 24-hour news channel, UK
BBC Parliament - British Broadcasting Corporation political channel, UK
BBC Prime - British Broadcasting Corporation European lifestyle channel
BBC World - British Broadcasting Corporation international news channel
Biography Channel - Biographies, UK
Bollywood 4U - 2 Indian movie and music channels, UK
Boomerang - Cartoons, US, UK
The Box - Interective Popular Music Channel, UK
Bravo - 1980s TV shows like Knightrider and The A-Team, UK
Bravo - Arts and entertainment themed channel, Canada.
Canal Plus - Cable, France
Carlton Television - ITV London regional, UK
Cartoon Network - Cartoons, US, worldwide
CBBC - British Broadcasting Corporation Children's, digital channel, UK
CBC - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada
CBeebies - British Broadcasting Corporation digital channel for young children, UK
CBS - Columbia Broadcasting System, US, Canada
CCTV - Chinese Central Television, worldwide
Challenge - Game Shows Channel, UK
Chart Show TV - Continuous music videos and charts, UK
Channel 4 - Channel 4, UK
Channel 5 - MediaCorp Channel 5, Singapore. Broadcast in English
Channel 8 - MediaCorp Channel 8, Singapore. Broadcast in Mandarin.
Channel V - Music channel, India
Classic FM TV - Classical music (part of the Classic FM brand), UK
CNBC TV18 - Business news channel, India
CNN - Cable News network, worldwide
C-Span - Government programming, US
CTV - Canadian Television Network, Canada
Deutsche Welle TV - Internatinal Broadcast Service from Germany
Disney Channel - Disney Cartoons and other shows, UK--outlet of a production company, which also owns ABC network.
Discovery - Documentary Channels, UK
Doordarshan National - National Broadcaster, India
Doordarshan National Gujarat - State owned Gujrati language entertainment channel
Doordarshan News - State owned News channel, India
Doordarshan Sports - State owned sports channel, India
E4 - Entertainment & Comedy Channel, UK
ERT - Greek language, worldwide
ETV Gujarati - Gujarati language, India
Eurosport - European Sports Channel, UK
FilmFour - Channel for specialist, rare and independent films, UK
five - Channel Five, UK
FOX Network - US
FOX News Channel - US
FOX Sports - US
France 2 - France
France 3 - France
Front Row - 4 Pay Per View Movie Channels (cable only), UK
Fuji Television - Japan
Galavision - US, parts of Latin America
Global Television Network - National Canadian network, Canada
Globo (television) - Brazil
GOD Channel - Christian Channel, UK
Grampian Television - Regional television channel for Northern Scotland
Granada - Series of TV Channels, UK
History Channel - Documentaries, UK
HBO - Home Box Office, movie channel, USA
HR - Hessischer Rundfunk, German TV for Hesse
HBO Family - family/children, USA
HSN - Home Shopping Network, retailing, USA
ITV1 - Independent Television analogue channel, UK
ITV2 - Independent Television digital channel, UK
Kerrang - Interactive Alternative Music Channel, UK
KIKA - Der Kinderkanal - German noncomercial TV Station
Kiss - Interactive R&B, Rap and Dance Music Channel, UK
Liberty TV - Family Entertainment, UK
Living - Women's TV shows, UK
Magic - Interactive Easy Listening and Jazz Music Channel, UK
Mega Channel - Greek Language
MDR - Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk - German TV for Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia
MTV - Music Television
MTV2 - Alternative Music Television
MTV Hits - Popular Music Television
MTV Base - Rap, Garage and R&B Music Television
MTV Dance - Dance Music Television
MUTV - Manchester United (Football Club) TV, UK
National Geographic - Documentaries (also National Geogrpahic +1), and (National Geographic Channel), US, UK, worldwide
NBC - National Broadcast company, US, Canada
NDTV 24x7 - News channel, India
NDTV India - News channel, India
NDR - Nordeutscher Rundfunk - German TV network for Hambourgh, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Schlewig-Holstein,
Network 2 - Radio Telefís Éireann, Network 2, Ireland
NHK - Public broadcaster, Japan
Nickelodeon - Children's programs
NTV - Japan Television, Japan
Paramount Comedy Channel - US & UK sitcomss
PBS - Public Broadcasting Service, US
Phoenix - Public Documentary and Event Channel for Germany
Phoenix TV - based in Hong Kong, broadcast worldwide for Chinese viewers.
Playboy TV - Adult entertainment channel from the makers of Playboy
Playhouse Disney - Younger children's programming
PlayJam - Interactive Games Channel, UK
PRO TV - Romanian language
Pub Channel - Channel for people in the restaurant and pub trades, UK
Q - Interactive Indie Music Channel, UK
QVC - Home shopping channel
RAI - Italian language, Italy
RBB - Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, German TV for Berlin and Brandenburg
Record - Brazil
Red Hot TV - 5 adult entertainment channels, UK
RTE ONE - Radio Telefís Éireann, Ireland
RTP - Portugal
S4C - Sianel Pedwar Cymru, Entertainment and News (in Welsh language), UK
S4C2 - Sianel Pedwar Cymru 2, Political coverage (in Welsh language), UK
Sab TV - Entertainment channel, India
Sanskar - Hindu religious/spiritual programming, India
Scottish TV - Independent TV for Central Scotland
Scuzz - Rock music station, UK
SET MAX - Hindi movie/entertainment channel, India
Showtime - movie channel, USA
SIC - SIC TV, private TV for Portugal
Sky Box Office - Pay Per View Movies and Events, UK
Sky Cinema - 2 Movie Channels, UK
Sky Moviemax - 5 Movie Channels, UK
Sky News - 24 hour news, UK
Sky One - UK Entertainment Channel
Sky One Mix - UK Entertainment Channel
Sky Premier - 5 Movie Channels, UK
Sky Sports - 5 Sports Channels, UK
Sky Travel - 2 travel channels, UK
Smash Hits - Interactive Music Channel, UK:
Sony Entertainment Television - Entertainment channel, India
Sony TV - Entertainment channel, India
STAR GOLD - Hindi movie channel, India
STAR MOVIES - English movies channel, India
STAR NEWS - Hindi news channel, India
STAR PLUS - Hindi entertainment channel, India
Star World - Entertainment channel, India & South-East Asia
Starz - movie channel, USA
SWR - Südwestrundfunk - German TV station for Baden-Wuerttemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland
TBS - Tokyo Broadcasting, Japan
TBS Superstation - Turner Broadcasting System, US
TCM - Turner Classic Movies, UK
TeleG - Gaelic language channel, Scotland
Telemundo - US, parts of Latin America
Television Asahi - Japan
Televista - Spanish language, Mexico
TEN Sports - Sports channel, India
TF1 - Tèlèvision France 1, France
TG4 - Entertainment and News (in Irish), Ireland
TMF - The Music Factory - Music videos, owned by MTV
TNT - Turner Network Television, US, UK
Toon Disney - Disney cartoons
TQS - Television Quatre Saisons, Canada
Travel Channel - 2 travel channels, UK
TV3 - Entertainment and News, Ireland
TVB - Television Broadcast Hong Kong
TVBS - TVBS Taiwan
TV Cabo - TV Cabo Portugal, private Pay TV accessible by cable or satellite
TV Chile - Chile (Spanish language)
TVE - Spain
TVI - Televisao Independente, Portugal
TVM - Television Malta, Malta
UKTV BrightIdeas -
UKTV Documentary - Documentaries, UK
UKTV Drama - Classic TV Drama, UK
UKTV Food - Cookery programming, UK
UKTV Gold - Classic TV Series, UK
UKTV G2 - Comedy programming, UK
UKTV History - History programming, UK
UKTV People -
UKTV Style - Home, garden and cookery programming, UK
Univision - Spanish Language, US, parts of Latin America
UTV - Ulster Television (Part of the ITV network), UK
VH1 - Rock Music & Older Music Television (Owned by MTV)
VH1 Classic - Older easy listening and rock music
WB - Warner Bros. TV, US--both a small network and a production company.
WDR - Westdeutscher Rundfunk German, TV network for Northrhine Westfalia
- US
Weather Channel - US
ZDF - public TV channel, Germany
Zee Cinema - Hindi movie channel, India
Zee English - English language entertainment channel, India
Zee MGM - English movie channel, India
Zee MUSIC - Hindi music channel, India
Zee NEWS - Hindi news channel, India
Zee TV - Entertainment channel, India