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Stan Marsh
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Stan Marsh

Stan Marsh, voiced by Trey Parker, is a fictional character in United States television series South Park. He and Kyle Broslofski trade places as the leader of the four characters. He is the most normal of the kids. Stan had a girlfriend named Wendy Testaburger who has since broken up with him; he used to vomit everytime she tried to talk to him. He has a sister, Shelly, (who beats him up on a regular basis) and a gay dog named Sparky. He once owned a killer goldfish.

He and Kyle switched places on announcing Kenny's death by saying "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" Usually followed by the other saying "You Bastards." This becomes less and less emphatic as keeps Kenny dying.

He wears a blue and red cap, a brown coat, blue pants, and red mittens. Stan rarely takes off his hat, but underneath is plain black hair.