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Ross Anderson
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Ross Anderson

Ross J. Anderson is a researcher, writer, and industry consultant in security engineering. He is Professor in Security Engineering at Cambridge University. In cryptography, he, together with Eli Biham, designed the BEAR, LION and Tiger cryptographic primitives, and also the block cipher Serpent (with Biham and Lars Knudsen). He has also discovered weaknesses in many algorithms and security systems.

In 1978, Anderson graduated in mathematics and natural science, and subsequently received a qualification in computer engineering. He has experience working with a diverse selection of systems, including avionics, banking, burglar alarms and vehicle monitoring systems. In 1992 he moved to the University of Cambridge, where he received his doctorate.

He is an outspoken critic of trusted computing, including Microsoft's proposals for the Palladium operating system.

Anderson is the author of Security Engineering, published by Wiley in 2001, ISBN 0471389226. He was the founder and editor of Computer and Communications Security Reviews.

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