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Quarantine (The Twilight Zone)
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Quarantine (The Twilight Zone)

Scott Wilson is a SDI weapons designer who is reanimated into an unknown future after being cryogenicly frozen for an incurable illness for three centuries. He is greeted by Tess Harpe, a telepathic woman of the future who not only performs psychic surgery on him to cure his disease, but introduces him to the agrarian post apocalypse community she lives in. A community with every need met through genetic engineering and super science in harmony with nature. A community with a deadly secret. The community is threatened by surviors of the war that are returning to Earth in an advanced spacecraft. The commune cannot defend themselves, as violence and murder is not in their nature. They must trick the unfrozen arrival into destroying them with the last remaining weapon of the apocalypse: a particle beam satellite, or face what could be a clash of cultures once they arrive on Earth.