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Our Souvenir
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Our Souvenir

Our Souvenir was the fourth CD for Twins and was released on May 2002. It consisted of 10 songs and 1 bonus VCD which contained 2 music videos.

Table of contents
1 CD Content

CD Content

Disc 1

  1. "Wo Men Di Ji Nian Ce" (我們的紀念冊) (The advertisement theme song for Clean & Clear)
  2. "Er Ren Shi Jie Bei" (二人世界盃)
  3. "Ge Ge" (哥哥)
  4. "Fa Meng Jian Guo Ni" (發夢見過你)
  5. "Yan Hong Hong" (眼紅紅)
  6. "You Yi Di Yi" (友誼第一)
  7. "Huo Dong Jiao Xue" (活動教學)
  8. "Guo Shou Kan Zhao" (高手看招)
  9. "Mei Fa Zuo Zu Yi Bai Fen" (沒法做足一百分)
  10. "Fen Fei Yan" (分飛燕)

Disc 2

  1. "Er Ren Shi Jie Bei" (二人世界盃) (Music Video)
  2. "Peng You Zi" (朋友仔) (Bonus Track)