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Nightclub two-step
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Nightclub two-step

Nightclub two-step was initially developed by Buddy Schwimmer in the mid-1960s. It is frequently danced to mid-tempo rock ballads in 4/4 time. It has evolved to include elements from other dances such as rumba and New York hustle. It is characterized by smooth, continuous movement with subtle upper-body sway.

The nightclub two step basic step takes eight beats. Typically it's danced in American-style dance position with a more relaxed hold than typical ballroom dances. The man rocks back on his left foot, the lady on her right, for one beat. Then both partners replace weight on the next beat. On the next beat, the man takes a step to the left and the woman to the right. Then both partners repeat, but on opposite feet (the man rocks back on his right foot and moves to the right).

The "official" rhythm for the basic step is quick-quick slow, although some prefer to start on the slow, usually on beat two of the music. Other for nightclub two step rhythms are also possible. Beginners should realize that the quick-quick slow rhythm is just one possibility. You don't have to keep that rhythm going continuously. Several slow steps in succession are often effective to evoke the romantic feeling associated with nightclub dancing.

You can see a movie online (actually animated foot diagrams) that shows the basic step used in Nightclub Two step. There is also an interview of the creator of this dance Buddy Schwimmer. Just go to:


For an instructional video on nightclub two step, see: