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Miranda IM
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Miranda IM

Miranda Instant Messenger is a minimalistic, open source (GNU GPL) instant messaging client for Microsoft Windows that strictly adheres to principles of simplicity and efficiency.

Miranda provides a basic client framework and an advanced plugin architecture. Support for various IM protocols and additional features is implemented through optional plugins, some of which come bundled with Miranda by default while the rest can be downloaded from the Miranda IM website. This keeps Miranda lean and fast, since you can easily remove most features or protocols you don't use. There are currently over 250 plugins for Miranda.

Through a little effort, Miranda can be customized to look and function to each individuals needs. The possibilities are endless due to Miranda's flexible design. It is easy to manage hundreds of IM buddies on an assortment of IM networks with convenient built-in features such as contact renaming as well as plugins such as QuickSearch which simplify organization of contacts. All your instant messages are stored to file and can easily be recovered at a later time, or deleted automatically or manually with either the DB Tool or the History Sweeper plugin. You can configure Miranda to display photos and buddy details when you hold your mouse over someones name on your list. Miranda is free of advertising and free of charge, both forever. Miranda is constantly being worked on both by the core developers and the plugin developers, all of whom work on Miranda in their spare time.

Miranda probably appeals most to people who like to tweak software due to its extreme flexibility, but no special skills are required. The more advanced users may wish to dig deeper into the Miranda IM database files with one of the available database plugins.

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Protocols supported via plugins include:

Miranda began as a minimalist ICQ clone and was first released in 2000. It has been actively developed ever since. Miranda IM version was released on 19 April, 2004.

While smaller bugfixes and minor features are still being implemented in the 0.x codebase, the developers have announced that the next major release (1.0) will feature a completely rewritten codebase to allow new features and functionality beyond what the current architecture is capable of. For example, there will be easier handling of multiple accounts of the same protocol and a better multi-user chat in ICQ. There is no current timeframe for the 1.0 release, but work continues and the developers insist "it will be done when it's done."

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