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Lüshunkou (旅顺口), or Lüshun Port, is a southernmost district of Dalian City of the People's Republic of China. Surrounded by ocean on three sides, this strategic seaport was called Port Arthur during the Russian Occupation and Ryojun during the Japanese one.

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The Japanese-controlled Ryojun City had 40 districts. The communist Lüshun City was established on November 25, 1945 to replace Ryojun. The city was a subdivision of a larger Lüda City and contained 40 villages in 3 districts: Dazhong (大众区), Wenhua (文化区), and Guangming (光明). In January 1946, Wenhua was merged into Dazhong, and the 40 villages were reduced to 23 communes (坊). In January 1948, the remaining two districts were merged into one: Shinei (市内区), with 12 communes.

On January 7, 1960, Lüshun City was renamed Lüshunkou District, still under Lüda. In 1985, 7 of its 9 townships were upgraded to towns.


The district contains 6 sub-districts and 7 towns (see Political divisions of China: Levels).

Pinyin Hanzi
Desheng 得胜
Guangrong 光荣
Dengfeng 登峰
Shichang 市场
Longwangtang 龙王唐
Shuishiying 水师营
Jiangsi 江西
Shuangdaowan 双岛湾
Sanjianbao 三涧堡
Changcheng 长城
Longtou 龙头
Beihai 北海
Tieshan 铁山

Jiangsi Sub-district contains the 20.38-km² provincial Lushun Economic Development Zone established in 1992.

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