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Katherine Alexander
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Katherine Alexander

Katherine Alexander, (22 September 1898 - 10 January 1981), was an American film actress and Broadway performer.

Katherine Alexander was born on 22 September 1898 in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She was the daughter-in-law of William Brady, Sr married to his son William Brady, Jr (half-brother to actress Alice Brady).

Alexander played in a large number of movies from 1930 until her last film in 1949. Her period of most notoriety was in the late 1930s when she played opposite John Barrymore in The Great Man Votes and starred in Sutter's Gold. Alexander most often played dignified or aristocratic women.

In addition to her more mundane movie career Alexander was a well-respected stage performer and received acclaim for her portrayal of Linda with Paul Muni in the 1949 London revival of Death of a Salesman.

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