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John Reynolds
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John Reynolds

John Douglas Reynolds (born January 19 1942) is a Conservative Member of Parliament for West Vancouver--Sunshine Coast in the Canadian House of Commons and the party's House Leader.

He had been a PC MP from 1972 until 1979. When he was again elected to Parliament in the 1993 Canadian election he and Deborah Grey were the only Reform Party of Canada MPs with any experience in the House of Commons. He was also the only former Tory MP in the Reform caucus. Reynolds was re-elected in the 1997 Canadian election and in the 2000 Canadian election, in which he ran as a candidate for the Canadian Alliance.

Reynolds was the Speaker of the BC Legislature under the BC Social Credit Party. Reynolds is seen by many as a representative western Canadian voter; being a member of the Progressive Conservative, Social Credit, Reform, the Canadian Alliance, and finally the new Conservative Party of Canada

John Reynolds was also the name of a U.S politician who served as the governor of Illinois and in the United States Congress.

General John Fulton Reynolds was a US Army commander killed in the US Civil War.

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