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Janjevci are inhabitants of the Kosovo town of Janjevo and surrounding villages, located near Pristina as well as villages centered around Letnica near Vitina.

The Janjevci as a specific group are one of two Roman Catholic South Slavic regional subgroups in Kosovo. The Janjevci developed Croatian national identification during the 20th century as they are believed to be descended from traders that came from the Dubrovnik Republic in the late middle ages.

Ever since 1974, they have been migrating from Kosovo to Croatia, during the process of Yugoslavia's disintegration and the Yugoslav wars.

In 1992, some inhabitants from Letnica emigrated to Croatia and settled in abandoned homes of Serbs in the villages of Voćin and Varešnica in western Slavonia. Their Serb inhabitants had previously fled due to the war in Croatia.

Many of the Janjevci settled in Serb homes in inner Dalmatia in 1996, particularly the village of Kistanje which was abandoned in 1995 following Operation Storm. Now that some of the Serbian refugees have returned, the village is divided between two hostile communities.

Before the Kosovo War began, there were 8,062 Janjevci in Kosovo. After it, only around 750 remained, the rest fled mostly to Croatia.