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Irish Green Party
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Irish Green Party

The Irish Green Party (in Irish, An Comhaontas Glas) was founded as the Ecology Party of Ireland in 1981. It has succeeded in getting candidates elected to all levels of government; local, Dáil and European Parliament. The Republic of Ireland has a system of proportional representation called the Single Transferable Vote. This gives smaller parties, such as the Green Party, more opportunity to gain representation.

In the general election of 2002 it made a breakthrough, getting 6 TDss (Members of Parliament) elected to the Dáil. However, in the election to the European Parliament of June 2004, the party lost both of the European Parliament seats which it had won in the previous election in 1999.

The Irish Green Party's best-known politicians are leader Trevor Sargent and former MEP Patricia McKenna.

The Green Party has strong links with its counterpart in Northern Ireland, the Green Party in Northern Ireland, but it has had little success at any level of election in the North. Although it is a member of the European Federation of Green Parties, The Irish Green Party has adopted a notably more eurosceptic stance than is typical of Green Parties in other European Union countries.

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