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Iowa Territory
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Iowa Territory

Iowa Territory was an organized territory of the United States from July 4, 1838 until December 28, 1846 when it became Iowa, the 29th state.

Most of the area comprising the territory was originally part of the Louisiana Purchase and was a part of the Missouri Territory. When Missouri became a state in 1821, this area (along with the Dakotas) effectively became unorganized territory. The area was closed to white settlers until the 1830s, after the Black Hawk War ended. It was attached to the Michigan Territory on June 28, 1834, and was split off with the Wisconsin Territory in 1836 when Michigan became a state.

The Iowa Territory was the "Iowa District" of western Wisconsin Territory--the region west of the Mississippi River. The original boundaries of the territory, as established in 1838, included Minnesota and parts of the Dakotas.

Burlington was the stop-gap capital; Iowa City was designated as the official territorial capital in 1847.

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1 Governors of Iowa Territory
2 Secretaries of Iowa Territory
3 Congressional Delegates

Governors of Iowa Territory

Secretaries of Iowa Territory

Congressional Delegates

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