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Humans (Star Wars)
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Humans (Star Wars)

In George Lucas' fictional Star Wars universe, Humans are the most numerous and dominant species, with apparently millions of major and minor colonies galaxywide.

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1 Humans
2 Near Humans


In the Star Wars universe, Humans were one of the first species to develop thehyperdrive, Corellians the first to do so. By this time humans were already present on a few scattered worlds throughout the galaxy, which implies that they had slower means of interstellar transport for a while earlier.

Star Wars Humans are mostly identical to real humans, which suggests that within the Star Wars universe they should either be seen as Earth humans that somehow ended up there (suggesting Star Wars is not set a long time ago but rather in our future), or a remarkable case of parallel evolution. In the mythology, the human origin is kept in the dark, and they have no clear original home planet. Within the mythology, some scholars believe that humans first appeared on Coruscant, the later Republican and Imperial capital, but this theory has never been substantiated.

Most Star Wars humans live on predominantly human worlds, but many human populations live alongside aliens on their worlds, or together with several other species on a world.

Human worlds include Corellia and Naboo.

Some Human characters are Anakin and Luke Skywalker, Padme Amidala, Han Solo, and Lando Calrissian.

Near Humans

Several species in the Star Wars universe appear to be very closely related to humans, as they share many physical traits. These are described as being 'Near Human' and are said to have descended from humans that evolved along distinct lines on other worlds.


The Chiss, a race that dwells in the Unknown Regions, are a humanoid people that have pale blue skin, black hair, and red reflective or fluorescent eyes. In all other aspects they are normal humans: they bleed red blood, and the cloning tanks used to clone human stormtroopers also worked on Chiss physiology.

Grand Admiral Thrawn is the most famous Chiss.


The Sith 'race' are a special case, in that they were originally a non-human alien group that were genetically tampered with by a group of human Dark Jedi that settled on their homeworld. The intermixing of human and Sith bloodlines, through the use of what became known as Sith Alchemy, created the characteristic red skin and long tentacle 'beards' common to the race. Due to their history with association with Dark Side Force users, the word 'Sith' went on to be used by many dark side organizations not connected with the original Sith species.


Other near-human races mentioned in various books and comics include the Theelin, the Arkanian, the Chev, the Omwati, the Ubese, . All these are mostly human in appearance, but have a few distinct defining characteristics.

The Duros are the only other species in the Star Wars galaxy known to have a genetically distinct seperate sub-species that arose from natural evolution, (the Neimoidians), although the similarity between the Quermians and Xexto is said by some to indicate that they are related.