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Harvard Medical School
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Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School is one of the graduate schools of Harvard University. It is a prestigious American medical school located in the Longwood Medical Area section of Boston, Massachusetts. The school was established in 1782, and was moved from Cambridge to Boston in 1810.

The School is home to about 650 students in the MD program, 500 in the PhD program, and 130 in the MD-PhD program, allowing a student to receive his or her MD from HMS and his or her PhD from either Harvard or MIT. The School has a faculty of almost 8,000, most of whom work at the many Harvard-affiliated hospitals in Boston.

In the book The House of God (Samuel Shem), the Medical School and its students are referred to as BMS (Best Medical School/Students). The novel is set in the famed Beth Israel Deaconess hospital in Boston where the author finished his residency.

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