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and MSN Messenger contacts]]

Gaim is a multi-platform instant messaging client program that supports many commonly used instant messaging systems including: Previously referred to as "GAIM" (all capitals) or "gAIM" (first letter not capitalized), it is now better known as either "Gaim", or "gaim". Its name is not to be considered an acronym to clarify that it does not have any affiliation with AOL. The term "instant messenger" and the acronym "AIM" are Service Marks of AOL Time Warner, so Gaim is not allowed to use them. Gaim is Free Software available under the GNU GPL.

Originally written by Mark Spencer for Unix-like operating systems, it now runs on a variety of platforms, including Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and trolltech's PDA system, Qtopia. Gaim has recently gone through a GUI/core split, so now its possible to write client programs using a developer's GUI library of choice. The new core library created by this split is called libgaim.

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