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FSO is an abbreviation of "Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych" (the Automobiles Factory).

Founded in 1950s in the northern part (Zeran) of Warsaw to produce carss for postwar Poland. The first product of FSO was Warszawa (big limousine and kombi) manufactured under the Soviet license.

Later, small Syrena model was introduced; in 1970s under the license of the Italian company, Fiat 125(p) was introduced (end of production - 1991), then the genuine Polish middle-class liftback Polonez.

After 1989 the problems of insufficient technology emerged and in mid-1990s the company was bought by Daewoo Motors (that collapsed in 2001).

Nowadays, FSO is an independent company and produces the following models: Polonez Plus: Caro (liftback) and Atu (sedan), Lanos (under the Daewoo licesne - hatchback, sedan) and Nubira (also under the Daewoo license). At the moment (March 2004) the negotiations with a variety of foreign and Polish companies areheld to keep the factory going as it needs further impliments of technology and new models of vehicles.

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