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Fallen Angels (movie)
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Fallen Angels (movie)

Fallen Angels (墮落天使) is a 1995 Hong Kong movie written and directed by Wong Kar-wai, starring Takeshi Kaneshiro, Leon Lai, Michelle Reis, Charlie Yeung and Karen Mok.

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Plot outline

Warning: Plot details follow.

Set in contemporary Hong Kong, a disillusioned killer embarks on his last hit but first he has to overcome his affections for his cool, detached partner he rarely sees. Thinking it is dangerous and improper to become involved with a colleague, he tries to find a surrogate for his affections. Against the sordid and surreal urban nightscape, he crosses path with a strange drifter looking for her ex-boyfriend and a mute trying to get the world's attention in his own ways.

Fallen Angels, being shot and conducted in a modern way - using fast cuts, hand-cameras, strange light visuals - reminding one of a hip, glossy photo-magazine, is regularly compared to the 1960s films of Jean-Luc Godard, where you will end up not with conclusions but with impressions.


15th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards

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