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Eric Cartman
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Eric Cartman

Eric Theodore Cartman, voiced by Trey Parker, is a fictional character in the animated series South Park. He is one of the four central characters, all of whom are eight-year old boys.

According to creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, when they were creating South Park, they were upset that "nowadays, it would be impossible to put a character like Archie Bunker on TV." But they thought that if he was a cartoon character, it might just be allowed. Hence, Cartman was born.

Cartman, who is often addressed by his last name, "Fatass" or "the fat kid", is spoiled, self-centered to the point of narcissism, foul-tempered, foul-mouthed, disloyal, manipulative, cowardly, racist, anti-Semitic, bullying, and openly contemptuous of the few who can stand his company.

Perhaps his family life is to blame: his mother is an intersexual porn-queen (but a very sweet mom all the same), his father is probably his mother, and all of his other relatives appear to have exactly the same temperament as Eric himself (except for his good counterpart from a parallel universe). Then again, it's probably genetic.

As the chubby antihero of the four lads, he was never intended to be the hero of the series, but within the first season he captured the popular imagination more than his three friends. The more outrageous his behavior, the more audiences seem to love him. (Compare Archie Bunker's original inspiration, Alf Garnett.)

Cartman has been hinted as having serious emotional problems and/or gender issues; he occasionally has tea parties with stuffed dolls, and has also been shown dressing up as and pretending to be Britney Spears.

Cartman wears a light blue and yellow ski cap, a red jacket, yellow gloves, and brown pants. He has brown hair, which has been regularly seen since late in Season 5 (his hair magically turns black whenever he wears his Hitler outfit). Cartman has dressed up as Hitler in one of the halloween specials and in an episode from the 8th season. He tries to organize people in the episode where he sees The Passion, and thinks it is Mel Gibson's way to rally people against the Jews. He can be seen as Hitler after he organizes all the people in his anti-Jew march.(though they think it's something else)

Favorite words and catchphrases

A few catchphrases he tries to make cool: