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Emperor Entertainment Group
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Emperor Entertainment Group

Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) is one of the largest entertainment groups in Hong Kong. It is owned by Mr. Albert Yeung, Sau-shing. It was established in January 1999. Indeed, it is one of the entertainment businesses under the Emperor Group. The other two are Music Icon Entertainment Limited and Emperor Motion Picture Group.

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Since its inception, EEG has shown its ambition to become the largest entertainment group in Hong Kong. Many of the pop-stars among youngster nowadays in Hong Kong are artists of EEG, the most obvious examples could be Twins and Joey Yung. In the beginning, EEG was only involved in CD and DVD publishing business. But they soon have diversified their business to movie and concert organization.


EEG is involved in a variety of businesses, which include concert organization, CD and DVD publishing, advertisements, movies, etc.

EEG's artists

Here is a list of EEG's artists:


EEG has long been associated with the Triads. This follows a number of attacks on their critics, including those of Joey Yung, as well various other members of the top management reportedly having links with the Triads.

Another similar incident was when the artist Yumiko_Cheng was shooting her music video. A group of men appeared and demanded a "protection fee." Yumiko called a third party, to which a van full of men appeared, where the original transgressors promptly left.

During the summer of 2003, EEG came under investigation by the ICAC. It was charged that EEG paid off the top management of TVB for referrential treatment of a number of its artists as well as billboard positions on the show "Jade Solid Gold." (Drake, 2003) Among those invited to help with the investigation was Albert Yeung, the majority shareholder of EEG, Alex Chan, the head of Universal Music Hong Kong, Clement Mak, the chairman off CCT Telecom, and his son Juno Mak, a singer. Several of the stars, including Eason Chan, Joey Yung and Nicholas Tse were also brought in. Later on, twenty-two people were arrested, including "two senior executives and an employee of a broadcasting company; a chairman, two senior staff members and an employee of an entertainment company; a chairman, a senior vice-president and a singer of a records company, five company directors and seven individuals. (Ng, 2003)" Among those were Clement Mak, Juno Mak, Albert Yeung, Alex Chan.

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