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Alphabetical index

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00 (from 00ber (Pokmon) to 00s)
03 (from 0304 to 0304)
04 (from 04 Concert to 04 Concert)
0_ (from 0-0-0 to 0 Series Shinkansen)
0s (from 0s to 0s BC)


1 (from 1 to 1)
10 (from 10 to 10th of August (French Revolution))
11 (from 11 to 11th Philippine Scout Battalion)
12 (from 12 to 12th Street Riot)
13 (from 13 to 13th millennium BCE)
14 (from 14 to 14th Street-Union Square (New York Subway))
15 (from 15 to 15th Infantry Regiment)
16 (from 16 to 16VSB)
17 (from 17 to 17th Division)
18 (from 18 to 18XX)
19 (from 19 to 19th Century Philosophy)
1_ (from 1,000 Hours to 1 World Trade Center)
1e (from 1er arrondissement, Paris to 1er arrondissement, Paris)
1s (from 1st Amendment to 1st Polish Army)


2 (from 2 to 2)
20 (from 20 to 20th Party Congress)
21 (from 21 to 21st century BC)
22 (from 22 to 22nd century BC)
23 (from 23 to 23th Street (New York Subway))
24 (from 24 to 24th Field Artillery Regiment (PS))
25 (from 25 to 25th Infantry Division)
26 (from 26 to 26th of July Movement)
27 (from 27 to 27th Polish Home Army Infantry Division)
28 (from 28 to 28th Street (New York Subway))
29 (from 29 to 29th Division)
2_ (from 2-10-0 to 2me arrondissement, Paris)
2c (from 2C-B to 2cm Gebirgsflak 38)
2d (from 2D to 2DTV)
2f (from 2FM to 2FM)
2g (from 2G to 2G)
2m (from 2MASS to 2mm scale)
2n (from 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment to 2nd Ring Road)
2p (from 2Pacalypse Now to 2point4 children)
2r (from 2R to 2R)
2s (from 2S1 122mm to 2Step)
2u (from 2UE to 2UE)
2v (from 2VSB to 2VSB)


3 (from 3 to 3)
30 (from 30 to 30th Street Station)
31 (from 31 to 31th century BC)
32 (from 32 to 32VSB)
33 (from 33 to 33th Street (New York Subway))
34 (from 34 to 34th century BCE)
35 (from 35 to 35th century BCE)
36 (from 36 to 36th Division)
37 (from 37 to 37th century BCE)
38 (from 38 to 38th Parliament of Ontario)
39 (from 39 to 39th GLBT)
3_ (from 3-1-1 to 3me arrondissement, Paris)
3a (from 3AK to 3AW)
3c (from 3C273 to 3Com Corporation)
3d (from 3D to 3DO Interactive Multiplayer)
3e (from 3EE to 3EE)
3g (from 3G to 3GPP2)
3h (from 3HO to 3HO)
3i (from 3i to 3ivx)
3l (from 3LO to 3LO)
3m (from 3M to 3MP)
3r (from 3rd Amendment to 3RRR)
3s (from 3Station to 3SUM)


4 (from 4 to 4)
40 (from 40 to 40th Street-Lowery (7-Flushing))
41 (from 41 to 41st parallel north)
42 (from 42 to 42nd Street-Times Square (New York Subway))
43 (from 43 to 43rd Infantry Regiment (PS))
44 (from 44 to 44 Squadron SAAF)
45 (from 45 to 45th Road-Courthouse Square (New York Subway))
46 (from 46 to 46th Street-Bliss (7-Flushing))
47 (from 47 to 47 BCE)
48 (from 48 to 48th Highlanders of Canada)
49 (from 49 to 49th parallel north)
4_ (from 4-1-1 to 4me arrondissement, Paris)
4a (from 4AD to 4AD)
4c (from 4chan to 4chan)
4d (from 4DL programming language to 4dwm)
4g (from 4G to 4G)
4m (from 4mm plug to 4mm scale)
4p (from 4Pi to 4Pi)
4t (from 4th Canadian Armoured Brigade to 4th World)
4v (from 4VSB to 4VSB)
4w (from 4wd to 4WD)
4x (from 4X to 4x4 Offroaders Club Karachi)


5 (from 5 to 5)
50 (from 50 to 50th National Hockey League All-Star Game)
51 (from 51 to 51st Street (New York Subway))
52 (from 52 to 52nd Street-Lincoln Avenue (7-Flushing))
53 (from 53 to 53rd Division)
54 (from 54 to 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry)
55 (from 55 to 55P/Tempel-Tuttle)
56 (from 56 to 56k line)
57 (from 57 to 57P/du Toit-Neujmin-Delporte)
58 (from 58 to 58 Concordia)
59 (from 59 to 59th Street (New York Subway))
5_ (from 5-1-1 to 5me arrondissement, Paris)
5c (from 5chan to 5chan)
5e (from 5ESS Switch to 5ESS Switch)
5t (from 5T4 to 5th Ring Road)


6 (from 6 to 6)
60 (from 60 to 60th Division)
61 (from 61 to 61st Division)
62 (from 62 to 62 Group)
63 (from 63 to 63rd Regiment of Foot)
64 (from 64 to 64DD)
65 (from 65 to 65 Cybele)
66 (from 66 to 66 Maja)
67 (from 67 to 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko)
68 (from 68 to 68th Street-Hunter College (New York Subway))
69 (from 69 to 69th Street-Fisk Avenue (7-Flushing))
6_ (from 6.001 (MIT) to 6me arrondissement, Paris)
6t (from 6th Amendment to 6to4)


7 (from 7 to 7)
70 (from 70 to 70th Academy Awards)
71 (from 71 to 71st Academy Awards)
72 (from 72 to 72nd Academy Awards)
73 (from 73 to 73rd Academy Awards)
74 (from 74 to 74th Street-Broadway (New York Subway))
75 (from 75 to 75th Academy Awards)
76 (from 76 to 76th Regiment of Foot)
77 (from 77 to 77th Street (New York Subway))
78 (from 78 to 78 Diana)
79 (from 79 to 79 Park Avenue)
7_ (from 7-1-1 to 7me arrondissement, Paris)
7a (from 7a69ezine to 7a69ezine)
7q (from 7Q5 to 7Q5)
7t (from 7th Amendment to 7TP)
7z (from 7z to 7z)


8 (from 8 to 8)
80 (from 80 to 80s home computers)
81 (from 81 to 81P/Wild)
82 (from 82 to 82nd Street-Jackson Heights (New York Subway))
83 (from 83 to 83 Beatrix)
84 (from 84 to 84 Klio)
85 (from 85 to 85 Io)
86 (from 86 to 86th Street (New York Subway))
87 (from 87 to 87th Precinct)
88 (from 88 to 88open)
89 (from 89 to 89 Julia)
8_ (from 8 to 8me arrondissement, Paris)
8b (from 8B10B to 8B/10B encoding)
8m (from 8mm to 8mm film)
8s (from 8SVX to 8SVX)
8t (from 8th & Corinth Station to 8th millennium BC)
8v (from 8VSB to 8VSB)
8x (from 8x12 to 8x12)


9 (from 9 to 9)
90 (from 90 to 90th Street-Elmhurst Avenue (New York Subway))
91 (from 91 to 91 BCE)
92 (from 92 to 92 Undina)
93 (from 93 to 93 Minerva)
94 (from 94 to 94 BCE)
95 (from 95 to 95 Theses)
96 (from 96 to 96th Street (New York Subway))
97 (from 97 to 97 Klotho)
98 (from 98 to 98 Ianthe)
99 (from 99 to 99Y)
9_ (from 9-11 to 9me arrondissement, Paris)
9m (from 9mm to 9mm Short)
9p (from 9P to 9PAC)
9t (from 9th (Scottish) Division to 9th millennium BCE)
9x (from 9x19 to 9x21 IMI)


_ (from to )
_0 (from (0,1)-matrix to '0wnz0red')
_1 (from '12 Days of Christmas' to -1 (number))
_2 (from .22 LR to (29075) 1950 DA)
_3 (from <3 to '39)
_4 (from .40 to .45 GAP)
_5 (from .50 Action Express to (53319) 1999 JM8)
_6 (from (65407) 2002 RP120 to (66391) 1999 KW4)
_9 (from '99 Love Life & Rock 'n' Roll to '99 Love Life & Rock 'n' Roll)
__ (from ?: to Canada! mon pays, mes amours)
_a (from 'A Day in the Life' to an)
_b (from 'Bad Boy' to berwald)
_c (from (c)Brain to cker)
_d (from 'Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover' to dn Beothy)
_e (from 'Eating our own dog food' to eembuc)
_f (from 'Feel My Heart' to fjord)
_g (from !G!ne language to gedei Khan)
_h (from .hack to hus)
_i (from -ic to in)
_j (from jrs to jrs)
_k (from !Khung language to ksnes)
_l (from -logy to lstykke)
_m (from .Mac to mile Zola)
_n (from (NACIS) to ngermanland)
_o (from !O!kung language to owyn)
_p (from -philia to pron)
_q (from \QUOTES0wnz0red\QUOTES to quihen-Plage)
_r (from r to rsta)
_s (from %s to stre Toten)
_t (from 't Haantje to ttar)
_u (from .uk to uork)
_v (from vaigdės to vre Eiker)
_w (from (What's the Story) Morning Glory to w language)
_x (from /Xam language to .xxx)
_y (from (Yerzoplazistonian) Civil War Civil War to ystre Slidre)


A (from A to A)
A0 (from A0 to A00 Sokolsky Opening 1.b4 e5)
A1 (from A1 to A1W reactor)
A2 (from A2 to A2W reactor)
A3 (from A3 to A3W reactor)
A4 (from A4 to A4W reactor)
A5 (from A5 to A5 road)
A6 (from A600 to A6 road)
A7 (from A71 road to A7V)
A8 (from A80 road to A8 road)
A9 (from A9 to A9 road)
A_ (from A-0 to Ao Nuevo State Reserve)
Aa (from AA to AAU)
Ab (from Ab to Abzyme)
Ac (from AC to Acylation)
Ad (from AD to Adze)
Ae (from Ae to Aeval)
Af (from AF to Afzelia)
Ag (from AG to Agyrrhius)
Ah (from AH to Ahyoheek)
Ai (from Ai to Aizuwakamatsu)
Aj (from AJ to Ajwain)
Ak (from AK to Akzo Nobel)
Al (from AL to Alzheimer's disease)
Am (from Am to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
An (from An to ANZUS)
Ao (from AO to Aozora Bunko: Z)
Ap (from AP to APXS)
Aq (from AQ to Aquitaine)
Ar (from AR to Arzel-Ascoli theorem)
As (from As to Asyut)
At (from AT to Atzaln)
Au (from Au to Auyantepui)
Av (from AV to Avvakum)
Aw (from AW to AWST)
Ax (from AX to Axylus)
Ay (from Ay to Ayyubid dynasty)
Az (from AZ to Azygos vein)


B (from B to B)
B1 (from B1 to B1FF)
B2 (from B2evolution to B2K)
B3 (from B32 Business Basic to B3ZS)
B5 (from B52s to B52s)
B6 (from B612 Foundation to B6ZS)
B8 (from B8ZS to B8ZS)
B9 (from B92 to B92)
B_ (from B-10 to Bardalur)
Ba (from BA40 to Bazooka Joe)
Bb (from BB to BBW)
Bc (from BC to BCTel)
Bd (from Bd Victor (Paris Metro) to BDSM fashion)
Be (from BE to Bezoar)
Bf (from BF to BFM)
Bg (from Bgh to BGM-71 TOW)
Bh (from BH to Bhuvanesvari)
Bi (from Bi to Bizzy Bone)
Bj (from Bjrred to Bjuv)
Bk (from BK to BKTV SAT)
Bl (from Bl'ast to Blythewood, South Carolina)
Bm (from BM to BMX XXX)
Bn (from BN to BNP Paribas)
Bo (from Bo to Bozrah, Connecticut)
Bp (from BP to BPP)
Bq (from BQ to BQT)
Br (from BR to Brzozw)
Bs (from BS to BSU)
Bt (from BT to BTX (computers))
Bu (from Bu to Buzzy Bee)
Bv (from BVD to BVTDL)
Bw (from Bwana Devil to BWV)
Bx (from BX to Bxasm programming language)
By (from By to Byzantium)
Bz (from BZ to Bzzzt, wrong)


C (from C to C)
C2 (from C2 to C2C)
C3 (from C3 plants to C3 plants)
C4 (from C4 to C4 photosynthesis)
C5 (from C5 to C5)
C7 (from C7 to C7)
C8 (from C8world to C8world)
C9 (from C96 to C96)
C_ (from C: to Ccuta)
Ca (from CA to Cazimi)
Cb (from CB to CBZ)
Cc (from Cc to CCX)
Cd (from Cd to CDU contribution scandal)
Ce (from CE to Cezzar Ahmet)
Cf (from Cf to CFYK)
Cg (from CG to CGT)
Ch (from CH to Chytridiomycota)
Ci (from CI to Cizin)
Cj (from CJ to CJTT)
Ck (from CKAL to CKY (band))
Cl (from CL to Clytia)
Cm (from CM to CMYK)
Cn (from Cn to Cnut)
Co (from CO2 sink to Cozy Powell)
Cp (from CP to CPUSA)
Cq (from CQ to CQD)
Cr (from Cr mimetic to Crytek)
Cs (from CS to CSYS)
Ct (from CT to Ctype.h)
Cu (from CU to Cuzco)
Cv (from CV to CVS/Pharmacy)
Cw (from CW to CWU)
Cx (from Cx to Cxu vi pretas)
Cy (from CY to Cyzicus)
Cz (from CZ-110 to Czochralski process)


D (from D to D)
D1 (from D1 to D1G reactor)
D2 (from D2 to D2G reactor)
D5 (from D5 class starship to D5 class starship)
D_ (from D. to Dnedain)
Da (from DA to Dazzy Vance)
Db (from DB to Dbx debugger)
Dc (from DC to DCT1)
Dd (from DD to DDT)
De (from DE to Dezso Lauber)
Df (from DF to DFT)
Dg (from DG to Dgo)
Dh (from DH Mosquito to Dhyana)
Di (from Di to Dizzy Up the Girl)
Dj (from Dj to DjVu)
Dk (from DK Hammer to DKW)
Dl (from DL to DLX)
Dm (from DM to DMZ host)
Dn (from DN Angel to Dnyarri)
Do (from Do to Dozul)
Dp (from DP to DPZ)
Dq (from DQ to DQ)
Dr (from Dr to Drzymala car)
Ds (from DS to DSV Alvin)
Dt (from DT to DTSC)
Du (from DU to Duyfken)
Dv (from DV to DVT)
Dw (from Dwain Chambers to Dwyn)
Dx (from DX to DXJ)
Dy (from Dyad to Dyveke (Dutch))
Dz (from Dzerzhinsk to Dzydzilelya)


E (from E to E)
E1 (from E17 (disambiguation) to E1 Series Shinkansen)
E2 (from E2 Series Shinkansen to E2 Series Shinkansen)
E3 (from E3 (disambiguation) to E3 Series Shinkansen)
E4 (from E4 to E4 Series Shinkansen)
E6 (from E605 to E6 (mathematics))
E7 (from E7 (mathematics) to E7 (mathematics))
E8 (from E8 (mathematics) to E8 (mathematics))
E_ (from E to Ers Szathmry)
Ea (from Ea to Eazy-E)
Eb (from EB to EbXML Messaging Services)
Ec (from EC to Eczema)
Ed (from Ed to Edythe Morahan de Lauzon)
Ee (from Ee to Eeyore)
Ef (from Ef (Cyrillic) to EFunda)
Eg (from EGA to Egyptus)
Eh (from Eh to Ehud Tenebaum)
Ei (from Ei, Kagoshima to Eizaburo Nomura)
Ej (from EJ to Ejnar Hertzsprung)
Ek (from Ek Choeun to Ekwok, Alaska)
El (from El to Elzie Crisler Segar)
Em (from EM to Emyn Muil)
En (from EN to Enzyte)
Eo (from EO to Eotvos (unit))
Ep (from EP to Epyx)
Eq (from EQ to Equus)
Er (from ER to Erzya language)
Es (from ES to Esus)
Et (from ET to Etzenricht)
Eu (from Eu to Euxenite)
Ev (from EV to Evros prefecture)
Ew (from Ewa to Ewt)
Ex (from Ex to Exxon Valdez oil spill)
Ey (from EY to Eyvind Kelve)
Ez (from EZ-D to Ezzo)


F (from F to F)
F1 (from F119-PW-100 to F1 Racing)
F2 (from F2H Banshee to F2Y Sea Dart)
F3 (from F3D Skyknight to F3H Demon)
F4 (from F4 to F4U Corsair)
F5 (from F5D Skylancer to F5D Skylancer)
F6 (from F6F Hellcat to F6F Hellcat)
F7 (from F7F Tigercat to F7F Tigercat)
F8 (from F8F Bearcat to F8F Bearcat)
F9 (from F91 Dudelange to F9F Panther)
F_ (from F-100 Super Sabre to Frth (district))
Fa (from FA to Fazul Abdullah Mohammed)
Fb (from FB to FBK Kaunas)
Fc (from FC to Fcx)
Fd (from FD to FDP)
Fe (from FE to Fezzan)
Ff (from FF to FFT)
Fg (from FG42 to FGV)
Fh (from FH to Fhqwhgads)
Fi (from FIA (disambiguation) to FizzBuzz)
Fj (from FJ Fury to Fjuken)
Fk (from FK algiris Vilnius to FK Zeljeznicar)
Fl (from FL to Flywheel energy storage)
Fm (from FM4 to FMS)
Fn (from FN to FNP (complexity))
Fo (from Fo Guang Shan to Fozzy)
Fp (from FP (complexity) to FPTP)
Fq (from FQDN to FQDN)
Fr (from FR to Fryingpan River)
Fs (from Fs to FSU)
Ft (from FT-5 to FTZ 1.TR.6)
Fu (from Fu Hsi to Fuzzy Zoeller)
Fv (from FV to FVWM)
Fw (from Fw 200 Condor to FWD)
Fx (from FX to FXT)
Fy (from FY to Fyvie Castle)


G (from G to G)
G0 (from G0 to G0 phase)
G1 (from G1 to G1 phase)
G2 (from G20 to G2 manifold)
G3 (from G3 to G3 Live in Concert)
G4 (from G4 to G4techTV Canada)
G5 (from G5 to G5)
G6 (from G6PD deficiency to G6PD deficiency)
G7 (from G7 to G7)
G8 (from G8 to G8 Summit, 2004)
G_ (from G-14 to Gyk Khan)
Ga (from Ga to Gazprom)
Gb (from GB to GBU-28)
Gc (from GC to GCUBO)
Gd (from GD to Gdynia)
Ge (from Ge to Gezer calendar)
Gf (from GFA BASIC programming language to Gfxartist)
Gg (from GG to GGT)
Gh (from Ghabdulla Tuqay to GHZ experiment)
Gi (from GI to Gizzard)
Gj (from GJ to Gjvik)
Gk (from Gk. to GKS Katowice)
Gl (from GL to Glyphosate)
Gm (from GM to GMV-6)
Gn (from GN Lewis to Gnypetoscincus)
Go (from Go to Gozo Island)
Gp (from GP to GPX)
Gq (from GQ to GQ)
Gr (from GR to Grzegorz Rosinski)
Gs (from GS to GSUSA)
Gt (from GT to GTV-9)
Gu (from Gu-Edin to Guzelyurt)
Gv (from GV to GV)
Gw (from Gw to Gwythr ap Greidawl)
Gy (from Gy to Gyulafehervar)
Gz (from GZA to Gzira)


H (from H to H)
H1 (from H1 to H1)
H2 (from H2 to H2G2)
H4 (from H4 to H4)
H5 (from H5 to H5)
H_ (from H-1 to Hsavk)
Ha (from Ha to Hazzan)
Hb (from HB to HBT)
Hc (from HC-130 to HCT)
Hd (from HD to HDMI)
He (from He to Hezron)
Hf (from HF to Hfr cell)
Hg (from Hg to HGH quackery)
Hh (from HH to HHT)
Hi (from Hi to Hizen Province)
Hj (from Hj. Nortamo to Hjrring)
Hk (from HK 4 P11 to HKU)
Hl (from HL to Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve)
Hm (from HM to HMYOI)
Hn (from Hnf to HNS)
Ho (from Ho to Hozumi Shigeto)
Hp (from HP to HPV)
Hq (from HQ to HQI)
Hr (from HR3261 to Hryvnia)
Hs (from HSA-UWC to HSV color space)
Ht (from HT to HTV)
Hu (from Hu to Huzzah)
Hv (from HVAC to Hvolsvllur)
Hw (from Hwacheon-gun to Hwicce)
Hx (from HX to HX (convoy))
Hy (from Hy-Vee Food Stores to Hywel Williams)
Hz (from HZ to HZ)


I (from I to I)
I2 (from I2P to I2P)
I5 (from I5 to I5)
I_ (from I-105 to Iigo Lpez de Mendoza, marqus de Santillana)
Ia (from IA-32 to Iazyges)
Ib (from IB to IBZM)
Ic (from IC to ICYDK)
Id (from ID3 to Idylwood, Virginia)
Ie (from IE to Ieuan Wyn Jones)
If (from If... to Ifukube Akira)
Ig (from IG-88 to Iguvine Tables)
Ih (from Ihah to Ihy)
Ii (from II & III to Iizuka, Fukuoka)
Ij (from IJ to IJzevoorde)
Ik (from Ika District, Shiga to Ikusaka, Nagano)
Il (from IL to Ilz)
Im (from IM to IMZ-Ural)
In (from IN to Inzilbth)
Io (from Io to Iowa Writers' Workshop)
Ip (from IP to IPX/SPX)
Iq (from IQ to Iquitos, Peru)
Ir (from IR to Irwinton, Georgia)
Is (from IS to ISYS)
It (from IT to Itzpapalotl)
Iu (from IU to Iusacell)
Iv (from IV to Ivysaur)
Iw (from IW to IWPR)
Ix (from Ix to Ixzaluoh)
Iy (from IY to Iyonix PC)
Iz (from Izaak Walton to Izzy Stradlin)


J (from J to J)
J2 (from J2000.0 to J2STask)
J_ (from J-2 (rocket engine) to Jromaru)
Ja (from JA to Jazzy Dee)
Jb (from JB to JBuilder)
Jc (from JC Denton to JCSP)
Jd (from JD to JDS Uniphase)
Je (from Je Tsongkhapa to JezzBall)
Jf (from JFA to JFS)
Jg (from JG Jones to JG-Leathers)
Jh (from Jhai Foundation to Jhumpa Lahiri)
Ji (from Ji to Jizyah)
Jj (from JJ to JJY)
Jl (from JLF to JLF)
Jm (from JMC Air to JMS)
Jn (from JN-25 to JNI)
Jo (from Jo to Jozua Franois Naud)
Jp (from JP to JPR Williams)
Jr (from Jr. to JRT)
Js (from JSA to JSyn)
Jt (from JT to JTF-CNO)
Ju (from Ju/'hoan language to Juxtapoz)
Jv (from JVC to JVP)
Jx (from JXTA to JXTA)
Jy (from Jymie Merritt to Jyvskyln maalaiskunta)


K (from K to K)
K2 (from K2 to K2)
K3 (from K3 surface to K3b)
K5 (from K5 to K56flex)
K6 (from K6 to K6)
K7 (from K7 to K7)
K9 (from K98 to K9999)
K_ (from K-1 to Ksnacht)
Ka (from KA9Q to Kazys Grinius)
Kb (from KBBL to KBS-3)
Kc (from KC-10 Extender to KCTS)
Kd (from KD to KDNL-TV)
Ke (from Ke Huy Quan to Kezar Stadium)
Kf (from KF Partizani to KFX)
Kg (from KG to KGX)
Kh (from KH-11 to Khyron)
Ki (from Ki'I to Kizu, Kyoto)
Kj (from Kjell Aukrust to KJS)
Kk (from KK Null to KKK)
Kl (from KL to Klyuchevskaya Sopka)
Km (from KM to KMSP-TV)
Kn (from KN to Knyszyn)
Ko (from Ko4ting to Kozy)
Kp (from KP to KPXO)
Kq (from KQED to Kqtz)
Kr (from KR Reykjavik to Krzysztof Zanussi)
Ks (from KS to KSU)
Kt (from Kt to KTWB)
Ku (from Ku to Kuzu, Tochigi)
Kv (from KV to KVOS)
Kw (from Kwa language to Kwuntung)
Kx (from KXJB-TV mast to KXTV/KOVR Tower)
Ky (from KY-57 to Kyzyl Kum)
Kz (from KZ to Kzin)


L (from L to L)
L0 (from L0pht to L0phtCrack)
L2 (from L2 cache to L2TPv3)
L3 (from L33t programming language to L33t programming language)
L4 (from L4 microkernel family to L4 microkernel family)
L5 (from L5 (disambiguation) to L5 (disambiguation))
L6 (from L600 to L600)
L7 (from L7 to L7 (machine gun))
L9 (from L96 to L96)
L_ (from L-3 Communications to Lthien)
La (from LA to Lazzi)
Lb (from LBA to LBK)
Lc (from LC-130 Hercules to Lcwb)
Ld (from LD to Ldu decomposition)
Le (from Le Bas-Richelieu Regional County Municipality, Quebec to Lezh)
Lf (from LF to LFS)
Lg (from LG to LGM-30 Minuteman)
Lh (from LH2 to Lhuntse)
Li (from Li to Lizzie Miles)
Lj (from LJ to Ljusnarsberg)
Lk (from Lk (Star Control) to LKS Lotto Lodz)
Ll (from Ll to Llywelyn the Last)
Lm (from Lm hash to LMule)
Ln (from Ln to Lnx4Win)
Lo (from LO to Loznica)
Lp (from LP to LPT)
Lq (from LQ to LQ)
Lr (from LR(1) to LRT)
Ls (from Ls to LSV)
Lt (from LT to LTU International)
Lu (from Lu to Luzzasco Luzzaschi)
Lv (from LV to LVRBV 701)
Lw (from LW to LWS-4 Zubr)
Lx (from Lx to LX)
Ly (from LY to LyX)
Lz (from LZ to LZX)


M (from M to M)
M1 (from M1 to M1A Rifle)
M2 (from M2 to M2M)
M3 (from M3 to M3 SMG)
M4 (from M4 to M4A)
M5 (from M5 to M5 motorway)
M6 (from M60 to M6 Toll)
M7 (from M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle to M79 Rocket Launcher)
M8 (from M80 motorway to M8 motorway)
M9 (from M9 to M9 motorway)
M_ (from M-1 Tank Platoon to Mvatn)
Ma (from MA to Mazzy Star)
Mb (from Mb to Mbube)
Mc (from MC to MCX connector)
Md (from MD to MDX)
Me (from Me to Mezzotint)
Mf (from MF to MFT)
Mg (from MG30 to MGR V8)
Mh (from MH-53 Pave Low to MHSnet)
Mi (from MI to Mizutani Yuko)
Mj (from MJ to MJPEG)
Mk (from MK to Mkuze Game Reserve)
Ml (from ML to Mlyniska)
Mm (from MM to MMX)
Mn (from MN to MnSCU)
Mo (from Mo to Mozzarella cheese)
Mp (from MP to MPV)
Mr (from MR to MRTA)
Ms (from MS to MSZP)
Mt (from MT to MTX (automobile))
Mu (from Mu to Muzzleloader)
Mv (from MV to MVT)
Mw (from Mwai Kibaki to MWRA)
Mx (from MX to MxPx)
My (from My Aim Is True to Myyrmanni bombing)
Mz (from MZ to Mzuzu)


N (from N to N)
N0 (from N00k to N00k)
N1 (from N1 to N1 rocket)
N2 (from N22 road to N22 road)
N3 (from N3 to N3)
N4 (from N4 to N4 road)
N7 (from N7 road to N7 road)
N8 (from N8 road to N8 road)
N_ (from N. Gregory Mankiw to Nrn)
Na (from NA to Nazran)
Nb (from NB to NBS)
Nc (from NC to Ncurses)
Nd (from ND to Ndre Mjeda)
Ne (from NE to Nezperce, Idaho)
Nf (from NF to NFSNet)
Ng (from NG to Ngwee)
Nh (from Nhang to NHS Trust)
Ni (from NI to Nizkor Project)
Nj (from Nj to Njudge)
Nk (from NK Gorica to NKVD)
Nl (from NL to NLX)
Nm (from Nm to NMT)
Nn (from NN to Nnngn)
No (from NO to Nozzle)
Np (from NP to NPV)
Nr (from NR-1 Deep Submergence Craft to NRZI)
Ns (from NS to NSYNC)
Nt (from NT to NTV Hayat)
Nu (from Nu to Nuzi)
Nv (from NVA to Nvu)
Nw (from NW to NWscript)
Nx (from NX bit to NX class starship)
Ny (from Ny-lesund to Nyyrikki)
Nz (from NZ Idol to Nzo Ekangaki)


O (from O to O)
O2 (from O2 Ireland to O2 Ireland)
O_ (from O-1 Bird Dog to O-Zone)
Oa (from Oa to Oaxaca (state))
Ob (from Ob River to Obzor)
Oc (from OC to Ocyrhoe)
Od (from Od to Odyssey (album))
Oe (from OE to Oeung Choeun)
Of (from Of to Ofwat)
Og (from Oga to Ogyrvan)
Oh (from OH-58 Kiowa to Ohthere)
Oi (from Oi to Oizumi, Yamanashi)
Oj (from OJ to Ojus, Florida)
Ok (from OK to OKW)
Ol (from OL to Olza)
Om (from OM to Omweso)
On (from On a Sensual Note to Onyx (hip hop crew))
Oo (from OO9 to Oozaru)
Op (from OP to Opwijk)
Oq (from OQO to Oquirrh, Utah)
Or (from Or to Orz)
Os (from OS2U Kingfisher to Osyth)
Ot (from Ota to Otyg)
Ou (from OU to Ouzo)
Ov (from OV-10 Bronco to Ovum)
Ow (from OW Prolog to Owyhee River)
Ox (from OX-5 to Oxyurinae)
Oy (from Oy to Oystercatcher)
Oz (from OZ to Ozzy Osbourne)


P (from P to P)
P0 (from P008 to P008)
P2 (from P2 to P27)
P3 (from P38 Pistol to P38 Pistol)
P4 (from P45 to P4M Mercator)
P5 (from P50 to P5M Marlin)
P6 (from P6M SeaMaster to P6M SeaMaster)
P_ (from P-1 to Pca)
Pa (from Pa to Pazzi)
Pb (from PB Air to PBY Catalina)
Pc (from PC to PCX)
Pd (from Pd to PDX Wireless)
Pe (from PE to Pezzetti di cavallo)
Pf (from Pf to PFY)
Pg (from PG to PGE Park)
Ph (from PH to Phyxius)
Pi (from Pi to Pizzicato Five)
Pj (from PJ to PJ)
Pk (from PK to PKZIP)
Pl (from PL/0 to Plzen Region)
Pm (from Pm to PmWiki)
Pn (from PNA to Pnyx)
Po (from PO to Pozzolanic ash)
Pp (from PP to PPV)
Pq (from PQ tree to PQQ)
Pr (from PR to Przystanek Woodstock)
Ps (from PS to Pszczyna)
Pt (from PT to Ptyodactylus)
Pu (from Pu Chou Mountain to Puzzletown, Pennsylvania)
Pv (from Pv inverter to PvP)
Pw (from PW to Pwyll crater)
Px (from PX to PXE)
Py (from PY to PYY 3-36)
Pz (from PZEV to Pzzl)


Q (from Q to Q)
Q1 (from Q1 (building) to Q1 (building))
Q2 (from Q2DM1 to Q2DM1)
Q3 (from Q32 to Q32)
Q_ (from Q-5 Fantan to Q.v.)
Qa (from QA to Qazvin province)
Qb (from QB VII to QBasic programming language)
Qc (from QC to QCD scale)
Qd (from QDB to QDOS)
Qe (from QE to Qetesh)
Qf (from QFE to QFS pen)
Qi (from Qi to Qiyas)
Ql (from Qliphoth to Qliphoth)
Qm (from QM to QMUL)
Qn (from QNH to Qnx4fs)
Qo (from Qo'noS to QOTD)
Qq (from QQ to Qq.v.)
Qr (from QR to QRP operation)
Qs (from QSAR to QSPR)
Qt (from Qt (disambiguation) to QTV)
Qu (from Qu'Appelle River Dam to Quylthulg)
Qv (from QVC to QVC)
Qw (from QW to Qwest Field)
Qx (from Qx language to Qx language)


R (from R to R)
R1 (from R1 to R18 certificate)
R2 (from R2-D2 to R2I)
R3 (from R32 to R3Y Tradewind)
R4 (from R4 to R4M rocket)
R5 (from R5 assault rifle to R5 assault rifle)
R6 (from R62 to R62)
R8 (from R800 to R800)
R_ (from R-101 to Rmil)
Ra (from Ra to Razzle (disambiguation))
Rb (from RB211 to RBX)
Rc (from RC to RCU Records)
Rd (from RD Burman to RDS TMC)
Re (from Re to Rezulin)
Rf (from RF to RFV)
Rg (from RG to RGBA color space)
Rh (from Rh disease to Rhyton)
Ri (from Ri to Rizpah)
Rj (from RJ-11 to Rjukan)
Rk (from RK to RKS Radomsko)
Rl (from RL-10 (rocket engine) to RLS)
Rm (from Rm to Rmvb)
Rn (from Rn to RNase H)
Ro (from RO to Rozz Williams)
Rp (from Rp to RPS)
Rq (from RQ-1 Predator to RQML)
Rr (from RR layout to RRS Discovery)
Rs (from RS-232 to Rsync algorithm)
Rt (from RT to RTVBH)
Ru (from Ru to Ruzyne International Airport)
Rv (from RV Triton to RVDT)
Rw (from RW to RWTH Aachen)
Rx (from RX to Rxvt)
Ry (from Ry to Ryuyo, Shizuoka)
Rz (from RZ to Rzeszow Voivodship)


S (from S to S)
S1 (from S1909/A2840 to S1W reactor)
S2 (from S2 to S2 programming language)
S3 (from S3 (Berlin) to S3G reactor)
S4 (from S4C to S4X (Berlin))
S5 (from S5G reactor to S5W reactor)
S6 (from S6G reactor to S6G reactor)
S7 (from S75 (Berlin) to S7G reactor)
S8 (from S8G reactor to S8G reactor)
S9 (from S9 (Berlin) to S9 (Berlin))
S_ (from S-1 to Stterlin)
Sa (from SA to Sazerac)
Sb (from SB to Sbus)
Sc (from SC to Scythia)
Sd (from SD to SDXF)
Se (from Sea to Sezen Aksu)
Sf (from SF to SFW)
Sg (from SG to Sgurr nan Gillean)
Sh (from SH3 domain to Shyriiwook)
Si (from SI to Sizzle cymbal)
Sj (from SJ to Sjsanden)
Sk (from SK to Skywriting)
Sl (from SL to Slylandro)
Sm (from SM to Smythe's Megalith)
Sn (from SN1 reaction to Snydertown, Pennsylvania)
So (from SO to Sozopol)
Sp (from SP to Spyware)
Sq (from SQA Exams Fiasco to Squonk)
Sr (from SR to SRY)
Ss (from SS to SSTH Ocean Arrow)
St (from ST to Styx (mythology))
Su (from Su to Suzzallo Library)
Sv (from SV to SVT-40)
Sw (from SW to Swyer syndrome)
Sx (from SX to SXSW)
Sy (from Syagrius to Syzygy Cult)
Sz (from Sz to Szymon Askenazy)


T (from T to T)
T1 (from T1 to T1 space)
T2 (from T2 to T2FD Antenna)
T3 (from T3 to T3)
T4 (from T4 to T4)
T9 (from T9 to T9)
T_ (from T 1 to Trin Turambar)
Ta (from TA to Tazlina, Alaska)
Tb (from TB to TBY Sea Wolf)
Tc (from Tc1000 to Tczew)
Td (from TD to TDT)
Te (from Te to Tezpur, Assam)
Tf (from TF1 to TF1)
Tg (from TG4 to TGV)
Th (from TH to Thysanoteuthis)
Ti (from TI99/4A to Tizona)
Tj (from TJ Turtle to Tjorven)
Tk (from Tk to TKS)
Tl (from TL1 to TLS)
Tm (from TM to TMS)
Tn (from TN to TNX-901)
To (from TO to Tozeur)
Tp (from TP to TPU programming language)
Tq (from TQ to TQS)
Tr (from TR to Trzebnica County)
Ts (from TS to Tsymbaly)
Tt (from TT scale to TTY)
Tu (from TU to Tuzla Canton)
Tv (from TV2 to TVT Records)
Tw (from Twa to Twyla Tharp)
Tx (from TX to TXU)
Ty (from Ty Cobb to Tywyn)
Tz (from Tzacol to Tzvi Feldman)


U (from U to U)
U1 (from U15 (Berlin) to U1 (Berlin))
U2 (from U2 to U2 Crisis)
U3 (from U3 (Berlin) to U3 (Berlin))
U4 (from U4 (Berlin) to U4 (Berlin))
U5 (from U55 (Berlin) to U5 (Berlin))
U6 (from U6 (Berlin) to U6 (Berlin))
U7 (from U7 (Berlin) to U7 (Berlin))
U8 (from U8 (Berlin) to U8TV: The Lofters)
U9 (from U9 (Berlin) to U9 (Berlin))
U_ (from U 137 to UK)
Ua (from Ua to UAZ)
Ub (from UB40 to Ubykh phonology)
Uc (from UC to UCSD Pascal)
Ud (from UD to Udzima wa ya Masiwa)
Ue (from UE to Ueuecoyotl)
Uf (from Ufa to Ufthak)
Ug (from UG to Uguisudani Station)
Uh (from UH to Uhuru Kenyatta)
Ui (from UI to Uitlanders)
Uj (from Ujezd u Brna to Ujung Pandang)
Uk (from Uk to Ukyo Tachibana)
Ul (from Ul to Ulzana's Raid)
Um (from UM to Umthlangana)
Un (from Un-assimilated to Unzen)
Uo (from UO to Uozu)
Up (from Up to Upyr)
Uq (from Uqair Protocol of 1922 to Uqair Protocol of 1922)
Ur (from Ur to Urzad Ochrony Panstwa)
Us (from US3 to USWA Unified World Heavyweight Title)
Ut (from UT to Utwig)
Uu (from UU to Uuu operating system)
Uv (from UV astronomy to Uvurkhangai)
Uw (from UW to UWS)
Ux (from UX to Uxmal)
Uy (from UY to Uyghuristan)
Uz (from Uz to Uzziah of Judah)


V (from V to V)
V1 (from V10 to V1 missile)
V2 (from V20 to V2 word order)
V3 (from V3 to V3)
V4 (from V4 to V4)
V5 (from V5 interface to V5 interface)
V6 (from V6 to V60i)
V8 (from V8 to V8 Supercar)
V_ (from V. to Vru County)
Va (from VA to Vazhuvoor)
Vb (from VB to VBX)
Vc (from VC to VCY America)
Vd (from VD to VDV)
Ve (from Ve to Vezina Trophy)
Vf (from VF to VFW-Fokker GmbH)
Vg (from VG to VGM)
Vh (from VH1 to VHSIC Hardware Description Language)
Vi (from Vi to Vizier)
Vj (from VJTI to VJTI)
Vk (from VK to VK)
Vl (from VLA to Vltava)
Vm (from VM to VMware)
Vn (from Vne to VNV Nation)
Vo (from Vo Chi Cong to Vozdukh)
Vp (from VP to VPRO)
Vr (from VR to VRT Zendstation Egem)
Vs (from VS to VST Plugin)
Vt (from VT100 to VTU)
Vu (from VU to VUX)
Vv (from VVC to VVT-i)
Vw (from VW Apollo to VWVortex)
Vx (from VX to VxWorks)
Vy (from Vyacheslav Mescherin to Vytautas the Great)


W (from W to W)
W0 (from W00t to W07CB)
W1 (from W12 to W12)
W3 (from W3C XML Schema to W3m)
W_ (from W. A. C. Bennett to Wstite)
Wa (from WA to Wazzu)
Wb (from WB to WBZX)
Wc (from WC to WCW World Heavyweight Title)
Wd (from WD to WDRV)
We (from We to Wezembeek-Oppem)
Wf (from WFF to WFTE-TV)
Wg (from WG Grace to WGS 84)
Wh (from Wha Ti, Northwest Territories to WHYY)
Wi (from Wi to Wizzard)
Wj (from WJEC to WJZZ-FM)
Wk (from WKB approximation to WKRP in Cincinnati)
Wl (from WL to WLZT)
Wm (from Wm Morrison Supermarkets to WMTW)
Wn (from WNBA Coach of the Year Award to WNYT)
Wo (from Woad to Wozzeck)
Wp (from WP to WPZE-FM)
Wq (from WQIO to WQIO)
Wr (from Wraith to Wrzeszcz)
Ws (from WS-I to WSYX)
Wt (from WTEV to WTVT)
Wu (from Wu to Wuxia film)
Wv (from WVEE-FM to WVO)
Ww (from WW to WWWQ-FM)
Wx (from WX to WxWidgets)
Wy (from Wy'east to Wyvern Lord)
Wz (from WZGC-FM to Wzgorze Mickiewicza)


X (from X to X)
X1 (from X10 to X11 color names)
X2 (from X2 to X2 (disambiguation))
X3 (from X3D to X3D Fritz)
X6 (from X68000 to X68000)
X8 (from X86 to X86-mov)
X_ (from X-1 to X language)
Xa (from XA to Xavire Tiberi)
Xb (from XB-42 Mixmaster to Xbox Media Center)
Xc (from Xceed to XCOM (computer game))
Xd (from XD to XDuce)
Xe (from Xe to XEW-AM)
Xf (from XF2R Dark Shark to XFS)
Xg (from XGA to Xgrid)
Xh (from Xhafer Ypi to XHTML modules)
Xi (from Xi to Xixona)
Xk (from XKO to XKO)
Xl (from XL to XLRI Jamshedpur)
Xm (from XM to XMule)
Xn (from XNA to XNU)
Xo (from XO to XOTcl)
Xp (from XP to XPointer)
Xr (from XR to Xrikwa language)
Xs (from XS to XSLT)
Xt (from XT to Xtul)
Xu (from Xu to Xuxa)
Xv (from XV to XVROS)
Xw (from XWin to XWP)
Xx (from XX to XXXX)
Xy (from XY to XYZZY Award for Best Use of Medium)
Xz (from Xzibit to Xzibit)


Y (from Y to Y)
Y_ (from Y! to Ykai)
Ya (from YA to Yazu District, Tottori)
Yc (from YCbCr to YCbCr)
Yd (from Ydalir to Ydre)
Ye (from Ye (Cyrillic) to Yeziti)
Yf (from YF-107 Ultra Sabre to YFU)
Yg (from Yggdrasil to Yggdrasil Linux)
Yh (from YHA to YHZ)
Yi (from Yi to Yiyongjun Jinxingqu)
Yk (from YKK Group to YKK Group)
Yl (from Ylmaa to Yljrvi)
Ym (from YM2612 to YMSTICPC)
Yn (from Ynglinga saga to Ynysybwl)
Yo (from Yo to Yozgat Province)
Yp (from YP to Ypsilanti Township, Michigan)
Yr (from Yr Head Is A Rock to Yrsa)
Ys (from Ys to Ystradgynlais)
Yt (from YT to YTV (television))
Yu (from YU to Yuzuki Ryouka)
Yv (from Yvan Cournoyer to YVTO)
Yw (from YWCA to YWG)
Yx (from Yxskaftklen to Yxskaftklen)
Yy (from YYA to YYA Treaty)
Yz (from Yznaga, Texas to Yznaga, Texas)


Z (from Z to Z)
Z2 (from Z280 to Z280)
Z3 (from Z380 to Z3 computer)
Z8 (from Z8 to Z88DK)
Z_ (from Z-95 Headhunter to Zrich Main Station)
Za (from Zaanaim to Zazu Pitts)
Zb (from Zbig Rybczynski to Zbigniew Wassermann)
Zd (from Zdenek Fibich to Zdzislaw Marchwicki)
Ze (from Ze to Zeyad Abdul-Razzaq Mohammed Aswad)
Zg (from Zgierz to Zgorzelec County)
Zh (from ZH to Zhytomyr region)
Zi (from Zi River to Zizilivakan)
Zl (from Zlatan Ibrahimovic to ZLR)
Zm (from Zmacs to Zmudowski State Beach)
Zn (from ZN to Znojmo)
Zo (from ZO to Zozobra)
Zp (from ZPP to ZPP)
Zr (from Zrenjanin to Zrinski)
Zs (from Zsa Zsa Gabor to Zsuzsanna Budapest)
Zt (from ZT programming language to ZTV)
Zu (from Zu to Zuytdorp)
Zv (from Zvaigznes to Zvonimir Boban)
Zw (from Zwalm to Zwolle, Louisiana)
Zx (from ZX Spectrum to ZX Spectrum demos)
Zy (from Zydeco to Zyzzyva (magazine))
Zz (from ZZ Top to Zzzax)