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African Nations Cup
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African Nations Cup

Year Winner Held in
2006 t.b.d. Egypt
2004 Tunisia Tunisia
2002 Cameroon Mali
2000 Cameroon Ghana / Nigeria
1998 Egypt Burkina Faso
1996 South Africa South Africa
1994 Nigeria Tunisia
1992 Ivory Coast Senegal
1990 Algeria Algeria
1988 Cameroon Morocco
1986 Egypt Egypt
1984 Cameroon Côte d'Ivoire
1982 Ghana Libya
1980 Nigeria Nigeria
1978 Ghana Ghana
1976 Morocco Ethiopia
1974 Zaire Egypt
1972 Congo Cameroon
1970 Sudan Sudan
1968 Congo DR (Kinshasa) Ethiopia
1965 Ghana Tunisia
1963 Ghana Ghana
1962 Ethiopia Ethiopia
1959 Egypt Egypt
1957 Egypt Sudan

The African Nations Cup (more formally the African Cup of Nations) is the main national football competition for African nations. It has been held every two years since 1968, and before that was held at irregular intervals.

In the first African Nations Cup in 1957, there were only three participating nations: (Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia). Since then the field has grown to include almost every African nation, thus making it necessary to hold a qualifying tournament (since 1968). The number of participants in the final tournament reached 16 in 1998.

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Brief coverage of each tournament held

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Total Wins

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