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.NET Messenger Service
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.NET Messenger Service

.NET Messenger Service is an instant messaging system developed by Microsoft. It works together with Microsoft's Passport system to allow users to send messages to each other online.

Official .NET Messenger Service clients, called MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger, are available for Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Pocket PC and various other platforms and devices.

Windows includes a system notification service, called "Messenger Service", which is sometimes used to present pop-up advertisements to users. This service, although it has a similar name, is not related in any way to the .NET Messenger Service or the Windows Messenger instant messaging client.

The current version of MSN Messenger is 6.2, while Windows Messenger is at 5.0.

Through MSN Messenger you can Talk, Have a Voice Conversation, View Web cam, Show Emoticons and Display Pictures and Play Games.

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